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Thread: Pink Films Vol 1 & 2 Blu Ray from Third Window

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    Pink Films Vol 1 & 2 Blu Ray from Third Window

    Never seen these but sounds like an intriguing release of pink films that are on the more experimental and “arty” side. And I like that the title suggests future volumes

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    If you don't want to wait till March of next year, you can always purchase the already released German dvd+ blu ray from Rapid Eye. Same print and audio and subtitle options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marker28 View Post
    And I like that the title suggests future volumes
    The other announced films in the "TRIBUTE TO KEIKO SATO" series will be ABNORMAL FAMILY (1984), BLUE FILM WOMAN (1969) and WOMEN HELL SONG (1970). Like the Vol.1&2 disc, these will be released in Germany by REM and in the UK by TWF, with the BD/DVDs themselves being identical.

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    Considering it is the UK, is there just a slight risk no matter how small that some films of this nature could potentially be censored to some degree? That won't happen in Germany of course, am I right?

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    Theoretically there is a slight risk of censorship in both Germany and the UK, as both countries have their rating/censorship boards: the BBFC in the UK and the FSK in Germany. In my opinion, the UK censors are actually a bit more predictable than the German ones. The key issue with any pink film is always "sexual(ized) violence". These 5 films are on the artsy side rather than the extreme side though, so I'd actually bet on them getting through uncut in both countries.

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    The good thing about BBFC is that they will let you know if a work is censored or not. Just check their website closer to the release date once the info is up there.

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    The BBFC seems very tolerant these days, considering they passed uncut IRON FISTED MONK. The issues they tend to address now are when exhibition of a film would violate UK law, hence the recent censorship to the second SISTER STREET FIGHTER film.


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