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    So apparently Netflix now does mindless 150 million dollar Michael Bay films. I watched it because itnhas the charming- if obscenely Canadian- Ryan Reynolds in it.

    Well you get exactly what you'd expect. Some crap wisecracks, some very loud action sequences, 200 million edits and a hell of lot arse level shots of ridiculously in shape women. Just to be more annoying Bay has added the modern action film obsession with Friends as Family to the mix. God knows how many times they have to pause to discuss if they're really Family or just people who kill people together.

    It gave me a headache and honestly, despite the Reynolds factor, I wouldn't have watched it if Netflix weren't producing. I'm just trying to fathom the business model. I'm sure it will get a hell of a lot of views but while Netflixs loves to shout those numbers surely what counts are subscriptions. Is anyone subscribing to Netflix just to watch a Michael Bay film. Fuck i hope not... I mean it's hard to imagine right? A Scorsese movie is one thing, because there's a halo effect to that, but surely this is just money down the tubes? I'd love to know the thinking.
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    This is what is gonna bring Netflix down. Their insistance on trying to compete with the studio majors in making $100m+ movies, and trying to create all their own mediocre content.

    Speaking of the film itself it was the most Michael Bay of all Michael Bay films. I found it quite uninvolving and the script was a bit cliché and annoying as hell with the constant pesudo-discussions as Dom mentions. Also, Bay channels the worst of the later period Tony Scott editing and cranks that up to 11 which really doesn't do this film any good.

    Now, I love Reynolds, but this time he just feels tired. Half his jokes fall flat (as does pretty much all the supposed jokes in this film) and he looks disengaged. He shows a few flashes of his usual self, but is mostly barely there.

    This said, I didn't hate the film, but I didn't like it either. It just felt empty and meh all around, which is quite amazing considering how much they tried to grab my attention.
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