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Thread: Anolis Releasing Terror Beneath The Sea

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    Anolis Releasing Terror Beneath The Sea


    "As part of the "Fantastic Classics" series, Anolis Entertainment will release the "UX Bloodhound - Dive Ride of Dread" produced in 1966 as a German DVD and Blu-ray premiere on February 28, 2020 , with the release being released in three limited media books . As a bonus there is an audio commentary with Jörg Buttgereit, Ingo Strecker and Alexander Iffländer; Audio commentary with Florian Bahr; US first version (German / English); Introduction by Peggy Neal; German title sequence; German movie trailer; International trailer; Advertising advice; Film program and a picture gallery. Ingo Strecker is responsible for the 28-page booklet. "

    Three media book options coming.

    Name:  Shop_UX-Bluthund_MB-A_Pack004.jpg
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    Name:  Shop_UX-Bluthund_MB-B_Pack004.jpg
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    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    I think that second mediabook cover is using the Italian poster for the cover. Man did that artist ever do a job on Sonny Chiba lol...Peggy Neal was so goddamn awful and annoying in this but fortunately she did look good in a wetsuit and swimwear.
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