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Thread: Inhuman Kiss

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    Inhuman Kiss

    Apparently this has popped up on Netflix (haven't had time to verify that myself yet but I will after work!).

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    I think it's been available on Netflix for a while, Ian, as I've had it on my watchlist for some time now (maybe since last year?). I just haven't watched it yet.
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    yep, this Thai flick has been on the trackers for almost a year with both blu ray remuxes and webrips. I also have this on my "to watch" list. I totally forgot about it until this post too. One of the worst cases of the shingles I've ever seen!

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    This one looks more interesting than the last couple of modern Krasue flicks, which have all been mostly wacky comedy and romance without much in the way of horror and gore. While it's nice that this type of genre flick is still being produced in Thailand, I'd be more interested in some of the "classics" of decades past getting released on DVD in watchable versions. Unfortunately, there seems to be little to no interest in old genre flicks in Thailand itself and also no interest by speciality labels to pick these up for Western discovery...

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    I definitely agree that it would be nice to see this genre represented by some official releases especially the older films. My first exposure was the MM release MYSTICS IN BALI and it made me seek out more krasue/ap films and I discovered Todd Stadtman's blog where he reviewed GHOSTS OF GUTS EATER. That review spurred me on to buy a CD-R copy (VHS rip) and I really enjoyed it. I wish someone acquired the rights to that film and gave it a proper release.
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