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Thread: Orang Minyak

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    Orang Minyak

    The movie that inspired Oily Maniac has popped up on Youtube.

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    Good find! I'm no expert on these films but I'm aware there are at least a handful Oily Maniac films. They were made by Shaw Brothers in Malaysia. There's even a newer film from a few years back.

    Old thread about them on Latarnia (includes vcd covers):

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    I have a bootleg of this with English subs somewhere but never got around to watching it. Maybe I'll dig it out and check it out soon.
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    I finally got around to watching this and the print looks decent for a TV rip but the timing of the subs is way off. I'll have to retime them and there is a very annoying watermark from the TV station that pops up all the time.
    "only the simplest can accommodate the most complex"


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