Anyone else listening to this?

I need noise in my ear to go to sleep. For the last few years I've been falling asleep to cricket scores being read over but just recently I've made the switch to this podcast fronted by Joe Dante (legend) and Josh Olsen (the names vaguely familiar...).

It's an excellent listen most weeks. Each episode they get a guest on to talk about TMTMThem and it gets nicely varied as each takes a different approach to the meaning of that. Eli Roth used it to talk about trash comedies, like Hotdog The Movie, that were on loop on cable when he was growing up. Richard Stanley used it to talk about the history of Lovecraft adaptations. Robert Forster used it to talk about... well Robert Forster mostly. Entirely, actually, but he was charming and I think he just misunderstood the brief.

I'm getting a lot less sleep as it lacks some of the soporific qualities of cricket scores but it is putting me onto some great films to watch. Watched Ride The High Country today so I feel last nights insomnia has paid off.