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Thread: Need help identifying a couple of horror posters

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    Need help identifying a couple of horror posters

    I have a letterboxd list called "Movie Posters In the Movies", where I list what poster I spotted in what movie. The list can be found here It can be really difficult to identify some of them, considering that they might be grainy or far in the background or cut off or whatever. So anyway, I was watching THE WITCHING (1993) the other day and there's a scene with a bunch of posters. They all seem to be from 1987-1988 horror movies. So far there was: BEETLEJUICE, HELLRAISER, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD II, THE UNHOLY, and THE BLOB (1988). But there are 2 more I can't identify. They're the ones on the back wall in the center and on the right. It looks like the one on the right says THE CRYPT and has a skull floating above a city or something similar. I asked on tumblr and a couple of people suggested CITY OF THE DEAD. Not sure if they're talking about CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD or what, but I searched and couldn't find a poster on google images that matched. If the posters look familiar to you, please let me know your ideas. Thanks!
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    possibly Bat Without Wings in the middle


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