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Thread: John Woo THE KILLER custom from HKR

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    How long do HKR bluray orders usually take? I broke off the The Killer an Hard Boiled on like August 27 and nothing yet. No responses to email either. Just a Paypal invoice which I sent forwar to JRodefeld and..... nothing.
    A long time judging by the comments on
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    The HKR order I put in at the end of 2020 took over six months to arrive - but it did arrive, and the discs are all great, which is the main thing.

    As a one-man operation, I think he basically finds it impossible to get orders processed in a timely fashion, but if you subscribe to their mailing list you'll receive regular, somewhat stressed out assurances that everyone will receive their orders eventually, and apologies for the fact that he doesn't have time to reply to everyone's emails, etc etc. So, an "it's all good - please just wait" situation basically.

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    I ordered the same as you, plus another two, on 5/25. Still waiting... Trying to be patient, but it's getting stupid. It's making me less likely to order physical-only product from him in the future.

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    Thanks for the responses! I mean, yeah - it seems detrimental to his business as I'd be less likely to order again (although Bullet In The Head will be a must). Still, good to know all is well if that's the word for it.

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    I've only ever gone the 'download and burn to BD' route. I like instant gratification.
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