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Thread: “Star of David (aka Beautiful Girl Hunter) (1979)

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    Quote Originally Posted by agent999 View Post
    I think this was the first Pink film that I saw after reading about it in the Mondo Macabro book. I actually found it pretty dull in between the sleazy bits, but grew to love it over the years. The Shock blu ray looks pretty good despite some issues. I wonder if the rumour that the original German cut was unfogged is true? The German cut on the blu ray is a reconstruction unfortunately. Probably another urban myth.
    Same. Read about it in that book and knew I had to see it. Got the import DVD and it was an experience. It's almost like a proto American Psycho in some ways.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Takuma View Post
    I can't remember the exact contents of Star of David (seen it a couple of times, including twice in 35mm), but going by what you said...

    Almost certainly a myth. In soft core films the standard practice was for actors and actresses to wear crotch covers, which was no problem because the fogging or black bars would hide them anyway. So, an uncensored version usually wouldn't reveal anything too interesting.

    And I find it very hard to believe any kind of "hard core version" would have been produced for this movie that is packed with "mainstream" actors and actresses (unless the Germans did their own edit with hard core inserts like the French did with Toei's Terrifying Girls' High School: Lynch Law Classroom). The only two pre-mid 80s JP films that I'm aware of to exist in such a form are In the Realm of the Senses and Daydream (1981), both of which were made specifically for foreign distribution. Had such a version been accidentally released in Japan, it would have landed the film makers and theatre owners in prison.

    This isn't an absolute "no", though. There are some odd cases like Teruo Ishii's Bohachi Bushido (1973), which lacks any censorship and you can actually clearly see the crotch covers (on DVD, and on the 35mm print that I've seen in Tokyo 2 or 3 times in the past 5 years). Cops vs. Thugs actually features a glimpse of Reiko Ike's pubic hair, and that's on DVD and 35mm as well (though the film print I saw must be a newly struck one... there's no way that could've passed the censorship in 1975). These are two cases that I can't quite explain why they exist.
    I've found where I read that. IMDB so probably horseshit!

    Also, there's definitely an unfogged shot of a giant black triangular patch that an actress is wearing left in the film, so I suspect they all had them on during filming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Takuma View Post
    Someone PLEASE tell Synapse to try and get the Discotek extras! If I recall correctly, there was a Norifumi Suzuki audio commentary, and maybe an interview too? I shouldn't have sold my dvd...
    Don confirmed that it will have the director's commentary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derrick King View Post
    Don confirmed that it will have the director's commentary.
    Wonderful. They can consider one copy sold already!

    Quote Originally Posted by fatboyslim142 View Post
    Are there any other uncensored Japanese films similar to Ai no korîda & Daydream?
    I can't think of any right now, but my knowledge of pink cinema only goes till the mid 80s (and almost nowhere in terms of actual AV).

    Any others that might exist would have to be foreign releases of course. The Japanese releases would be censored.

    Which reminded me of the fun story about Hitomi Kobayashi, one of the first major Japanese hard core stars... until an uncensored version was leaked and people found out she had never done a hard core scene. With all the mosaic, they had fooled people for years
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    Quote Originally Posted by fatboyslim142 View Post
    Are there any other uncensored Japanese films similar to Ai no korîda & Daydream?
    There's a movie called, Dedicated to the Aegean Sea from -79 ( Dedicato al mare Egeo / エーゲ海に捧ぐ ) that was shot in italy with italian cast with a japanese director. Don't remember the full story, or where I read it, but it got confiscated once the film reached japan.


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