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    The Rhythm Section

    So, despite this being one of the biggest bombs in recent years I could not help myself but to see it once it was released. I thought, an action picture with a substantial budget from seasoned producers of the Bond franchise. How bad could it really be?

    Well it is actually really really bad. Like horribly bad. Not poorly made, mind you. Quite the opposite. Very competent filmmaking from a technical standpoint. Some well made action sequences, and it has the look and feel of a major Hollywood picture.

    The problem here is the story and execution of said story. The plot really doesn't make any sense. It feels muddled, underexplained, oversimplified and at the same time extremely ridiculous. I won't go into to much of it as I do not wan't to spoil it, but the whole premise of the film, or shall I say the whole journey of the protagonist is so extremely far fetched and unbeleivable it kind of overshadows the entire underlying plot. And to make things worse, the underlying plot is more or less out of focus for large stretches of the film.

    Then, when they finally get back on track with the plot that they set up the film with, it is quite dumb in its conclusion. (Major "But wasn't that quite fucking obvious?" moment)

    I noticed in the opening credits that this was based on a book, and I get the feeling most of the book was cut out for this adaptation, as this feels like it is missing quite a bit and feels wildly inconsequentional all the way through.

    Anyone else seen it yet?
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    I was tempted to watch it but thought better of it. Great trailer because of a take on Where Did You Sleep Last Night.

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