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Thread: The Gentlemen

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    The Gentlemen

    Another one of these films that got rushed to digital to take advantage of us poor bastard shutins. I've only just now got around to it. This is surprisingly pretty solid I thought. The best Guy Ritchie since Lock, Stock. It's the usual convoluted tale of various gangland types trying to one up one another but there's more fun to be had here than there has in a while. A lot of that fun comes from name actors playing well against type. Hugh Grant playing a gay, cockney blackmailer and Michelle Dockery doffing the posh girl accent being particular highlights. There's a nice shot-for-shot homage to The Long Good Friday in here as well.

    What did you think?

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    My awesome sister worked on this. Been meaning to see it.

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    I wouldn't say this got rushed. It made way over a $100m in theatres when it was released early this year. I saw it in the cinema and loved it! Hugh Grant was absolutely sublime! He is finally rid of the persona from all his early films.
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    I do like Hunnam but this trailer did absolutely nothing for me.

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