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Thread: Peaky Blinders

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    Peaky Blinders

    Watched the first episode of this last night. I realize that there are 5 seasons and that there's a long way to go, but aside from the fact that I fucking hate the name 'peaky blinders' this first episode is pretty good stuff.

    I guess that's it, as we haven't gone deep enough into this yet to have much of an opinion aside from that.

    Neat to hear Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds in the opening credits though.
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    I enjoyed the first episode.

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    Great show, and it just keeps getting better. Tom Hardy is great in his role knce you get that far in.

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    I tapped out after 3 seasons. Red Right Hand gets old once you hear it 30 times in an episode.

    My biggest beef with the show, and most people think I'm a lunatic for being bothered by it is that there ALWAYS has to be something going on in EVERY background. Tommy is walking down an alley? Right at that moment, there are men shoveling coal like maniacs, two guys beating the hell out of each other, and a drunk guy suddenly upending a bottle of whiskey and chugging it. They got better in later episodes, but man. So busy. Anyway, I eventually got to the point where I just didn't care about any of the characters, and that was that.

    Tom Hardy was great when I saw him, but did the typical mumbling speech. Subtitles are in order.


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