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Thread: A24-Backed Irma Vep TV-Series

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    A24-Backed Irma Vep TV-Series

    Olivier Assayas Announces ‘Irma Vep’ TV Series, Backed by A24

    IndieWire that he is currently adapting his 1996 feature film “Irma Vep” into a television series. Assayas did not provide details on the project other than confirming he is writing every episode of the “Irma Vep” series and that he is working with A24 on the project. The director added, “I’ve been working on that project which will keep me busy with writing for awhile.” A24 had no additional details to share on the project when asked for comment by IndieWire.
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    This is a very strange idea. I'm not sure I see the appeal of it, despite quite liking Irma Vep.
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