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Thread: Bill & Ted Face The Music

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    I got to wondering what the plans for the distribution of this film. I looked it up. Its got a release date of August 20 scheduled but that was locked in before it went into production. It's unlikely that it still stands. The release of the trailer doesn't really indicate anything, it was released on the 9th of July because apparently "fans refer to that as Bill and Ted day" (6th of the 9th =69). But I'm pretty sure they made that up and that there are no fans celebrating Bill and Ted day. I sure hope not anyway...

    But! What a perfect movie this would be to release on digital right now. They keep talking about how these mid sized movies are going to be lost to the cinemas forever because they make more sense on digital. This seems exactly the movie to properly kick off the trend.. I could easily see this disappearing at the box office. The 3rd sequel to some fairly minor films from 30 years ago? It's a stretch. People who were fans back in the day robably don't go to cinemas a lot now and im not sure that trailers pulling in new fans. On the other hand they'd rule the world with a big digital release right now. I know I'd struggle to get the motivation to go to the cinemas for it but I'd certainly break out the popcorn and pay 20 bucks to watch it on Google. It would feel event-y enough.
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    The first film is getting a 4k release in the UK.

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    I don't know that I need that in 4K hahaha. But I really have been meaning to revisit the first one. last time I watched it was about 10 years ago when my daughter was 11 or so, she thought it was the dumbest thing she'd ever watched haha.


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