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    Marilyn Jess

    Please note if you choose to participate in the the poll, that the English audio will be present no matter what. It's merely a question of subtitles.

    We want to thank every one of you for answering to our wish to release La Femme-objet on bluray. You were more than 250 to wish us good luck with this project. That’s exactly the half of people we will need for the crowdfunding. So we expect each of you to help us convince another of your friends to join us.

    We will very soon launch the crowdfunding campain [campaign] on the Ulule French website, and that’s where we’ll also grant you to buy vinyl record of the exquisite soundtrack of the movie, composed and conducted by artist Jean-Claude Nachon.

    But we won’t be able to add the book Marilyn Jess "Les films de Culte" in this same campain, it will come another time of the year. The aftermarth of the lockdown is causing a complicated situation for the book market and we believe that it’s better to release it in 2021.

    Now a few words on the bluray release, with your helping suggestions.

    First of all, it will be a bluray only release because most of you clearly prefer an HD remastered version of the movie, so we will not produce DVD version. It yet exists in France with the original Alpha France release. [This film has been already been issued by Alpha France as a DVD].

    La Femme-objet will be presented restored in 2K under the supervision of its original producer Francis Mischkind with french, english and spanish audio. We are still looking for the german track, so every help possible from you to locate a 35mm or VHS copy of the german version of the film would be wonderful, so we could include « der deutsche Sprachen » in the bluray. The movie was called Science-Fiction Lady in Germany.

    Will be include[d] with the release :

    The original 35mm trailer of the movie with 2K remaster.
    A series of interviews with Marilyn Jess, Richard Allan, director Didier Philippe-Gérard (Michel Barny) and producer Francis Mischkind. There may be other people joining them.
    A selection of trailers from Marilyn Jess and Frédéric Lansac movies from original 35mm copies
    About the packaging, we will offer you two options: a limited digipack [I have no idea what a digipack is] on one side, and a boxed version with a slipcover on the other side. There will also be few copies signed by stars Marilyn Jess and Richard Allan, for the blu-ray and also for the vinyl disc.

    You will be the first warned [!] about the launching of the campaign. But first, please, share the survey address to your friends. By responding, they will get registered to be them too notified in first.

    Thanks to you all, talk to you soon.

    Cédric & Guillaume
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