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Thread: Jerzy Skolimowski's The Shout

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    Jerzy Skolimowski's The Shout

    Watched this one last night by way of the 2014 Network Blu-ray, which is of okay quality, if never great quality (very low levels for some reason). Anyway, had never seen it before and Alison recommended it. What an interesting and odd film this is. One one level it's a bit of a relationship drama and on another level, I guess, it's about Australian Aboriginal magic? Great performances all around. Alan Bates is pretty intense here and John Hurt does very fine work, Susannah York as well. Tim Curry's supporting work is also strong, even if he is underused.

    Jerzy Skolimowski paces the film right. Not too fast, not too slow. Deliberate at times, the first half is genuinely slow but intriguing enough that you don't mind so much. I also liked the use of music and ambient noise in the film, and the location photography helps a lot here too.

    A strange movie to be sure, but I dug it.

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    Such a strange film. I think the three of them are all great in this.


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