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Thread: Australia To Get New Horror Studio

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    Australia To Get New Horror Studio

    "One of the country's most successful producers will team up with Australia's premier horror distributor to launch a studio specialising in horror films, with plans to churn out five low-budget titles over the next three years.

    England-born, Gold Coast-based producer Chris Brown and Melbourne-based Monster Pictures boss Grant Hardie have secured finance from American backer Fairvale Entertainment to enable them to produce the five films. Should the slate prove successful, the pipeline of production will become self-sustaining and open-ended, offering the local industry a much-needed boost."

    More here:
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    I remember having a meeting with Grant many years back. He was interested in local productions but only if they were extreme. Graphic child murders and that sort of thing which is not my sort of thing. Expect some OTT productions.
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