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Thread: Once Upon A Time... In The Valley

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    I heard an actual advertisement for this podcast on local sports talk radio!

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    I've only listened to the first episode so far, I keep forgetting about it, plus I doubt there's anything there that I didn't already know.

    It did mentioned in that episode that they contacted her representatives but they declined to participate. As mentioned, Lords does enhance things once in a while. Her forming TLC to control her films happened after she was doing porn for almost 18 months. Her first photo shoot would have came out at least 3 months (and likely longer) after she did it. Plus her first hardcore scene with Tom Byron would hardly be a surprise. Video cameras back then were bulky and probably weighed about 20 pounds or more. I think you would notice that you were being filmed.

    For their future episodes, I'm not sure the sources will be very honest. I suspect Tom Byron might be, he seems to be honest about his past. Ginger Lynn has her problems with Lords (perhaps rightly but still...). Jim South is quite simply a scumbag and I wouldn't believe anything he says. And Bill Margold was an embarrassment to the adult field and only pushed what was right for himself (he probably had some conspiracy theory about her).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt H. View Post
    Your posts are always insightful. I wish you posted more often.
    Ha! Thanks. I always assume people think I'm an opinionated jerk so I duck in, gripe about something for a few paragraphs then high tail it out of here before anyone gets too angry.
    Now everyone can have a complete KRULL lifestyle.

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    Episode six is out now.
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