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Thread: Disney ends the historic 20th Century Fox brand

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    Disney ends the historic 20th Century Fox brand

    Disney ends the historic 20th Century Fox brand.

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    Too bad. The only superhero franchise I've really kept up with is X-Men, and I used to love seeing the opening of those films when the logo darkens and only the "X" is highlighted, with the theme music briefly skewing to that used for the series.
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    They also announced no more 4k physical media. 4k strictly as downloads/streaming now.
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    Disney have denied that 4k rumour, saying they'll evaluate it on a case by case basis.
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    yeah, I doubt if we are going to be getting 4k UHDs of (random Fox titles): Fight Club or All About Eve or The Fly, just Marvel and Star Wars.

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    Piss on Disney.
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