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Thread: Upcoming Friday The 13th Blu-Rays

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    It's not even necessarily down to Paramount's disdain for the franchise - film elements take up plenty of room and it's not uncommon for extra material to be discarded once the film is complete. I can easily imagine some executive deciding it's not worth paying to store all the negative off-cuts and unused scenes from a low-budget slasher film once the theatrical release is in the rearview mirror. A lot of the time it just comes down to luck whether stuff survives or not.

    When Ridley Scott went to make the final cut of Blade Runner he discovered all the unused film and sound elements had been scheduled to be junked over a decade earlier, someone just forgot to add the final signature to the paperwork. And the reason Synapse couldn't release the original cut of Curtains was because the storage company had decided to chuck all the large-format tapes to save space only a few years earlier.

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    I got a little FOMO here but I'm waiting for the UHD release. There just isn't enough to upgrade from the metal box .

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    The new Shout Factory box set is entering the shipping process for all orders.

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    So there are some issues with the Shout! Factory set, a replacement program has been set up.
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    Any word if they bothered to remaster the uncut gore footage from part 7? I was surprised by how good the VHS for part 2 looked:

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    Beautiful. Alice's death was the biggest surprise for me - very Johnny Boz. If they put the gore back in, I think part 2 would be the best sequel.
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