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Thread: 31 Days of Horror 2020 edition

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    31 Days of Horror 2020 edition

    Yep time to watch a shitpile of horror films.

    31 Days of Horror 2020 Day 01 Evil Bong 420

    TITLE-Evil Bong 420
    SOURCE-Tubi TV Streaming service

    Earlier this year I learned that you can use a free program and download the movies/tv shows off Tubi TV. This way you can not only watch them at times you don't have internet access but you get the bonus of no ads.

    For those that don't know Tubi TV,found online at Tubi.TV, is a free streaming app. It is loaded with piles of movies that fans of cult/horror/sci fi would enjoy seeing. The films are usually uncut but you do get short ad breaks during the films. Never more than say 8 minutes of ads in your normal 1&1/2 hour long film.

    So I had been wanting to watch some of the newer Full Moon films. Saw Tubi had a Full Moon channel. And that channel had all 8 films in the Evil Bong franchise. Having already seen Evil Bong 1 thru 3 I figured that Evil Bong 420 would be the next one to watch...I was wrong.

    Seems I should have watched Evil Bong vs Gingerdead Man before Evil Bong 420.But really this is a Evil Bong film I wasn't lost or confused for very long.

    After escaping from Bong World,and bringing some of EeBee's magic weed,Rabbit opens up the Lickey Splits Topless bowling alley. This bowling alley is the same one that Sorority Babes in the Slime Bowl Bowl a Rama movie,and this piece of trivia was pointed out during David Decoutou's short cameo.

    Rabbit's big idea to make money has two big points. First off he has hired 3 ladies to be the waitresses.

    One of them refuses to be topless,which doesn't make sense with it being a TOPLESS Bowling alley. And another of the waitress is the gorgeous Sam Aotaki,best known from her lead role in the modern cult classic Asian School Girls,a great rape/revenge film made by The Asylum.Second point is Rabbit has two options for the bowlers. First off is the standard renting of shoes and a lane. The other option is "The Gutterball" which gets you a lane to bowl and bowling shoes,plus Rabbit puts a bag of EeBee's magic weed in one of the bowling shoes.

    Opening night the bowling alley has a decent crowd. With a few of them being the humans the Bad Ass Dolls,introduced in the Full Moon Film Ooga Booga,are based on. So we get to see modern Full Moon characters like Joe Cracker,who pisses off Ooga Booga by stealing money from a black couple.The Gook,who is there bowling with his girlfriend,and I am pretty sure Butt Pirate made a small cameo.

    Larnell,who appears to have taken over as the lead since Alistar quit after the 3rd film,and Sarah,played by the uber talented and funny Robin Sydney,come in to bowl.And this is when we learn that while in Bong World,Rabbit has become the Macguyver of weed stuff. Sarah starts getting mad at Larnell. So Rabbit whips out the Weed Blower. A modified leaf blower that shoots out highly concentrated burst of weed smoke. This calms Sarah down and we go straight to the next kinda unconnected plot piece.

    Hambo comes into the bowling alley.Yep Hambo from Ooga Booga.He thinks since "Dem Kids are into Retro. They will want pics with Ole Hambo and want to buy my BADASSDOLLS!"

    All the stuff with Hambo feels like padding plus Charles Band wanting to advertise the Full Moon Website. They even throw across the bottom of the screen the url where you can buy the Bad ASS DOLLS!

    I am wondering where this film is going? So far it feels more like a Evil Bong TV show and we just keep getting the opening arch of stories. I looked to see how much time was left and see the entire film is only 53 minutes !!! WTF Charles Band. I know in the last 15 years Full Moon has started making their films 65 minutes to 78 minutes long. But this is under an hour!!. I went after finishing the movie and timed how long the opening and closing credits are...between the two sets of credits 7 minutes or so of screen time is used up. So that means the film is really just 45 or so minutes long.

    Out of nowhere and never really explained why or how The Gingerdead man shows up from Bong World. He ends up hooking up with one of the waitresses. And we get a scene of GingerDead Man having sex with this lady... Oh and I should mention now how cheap the puppet effects are. Ooga Booga,who shows up twice,looks like someone is right off camera shaking him around. With Gingerdead Man his mouth is superimposed on him,kinda like how that old cartoon Clutch Cargo was.

    Well it kinda being a horror movie we need some deaths. Which happens after Joe Cracker steals money from the black couple bowling by him. Ooga Booga hides out in the ball return. And when Cracker goes to find his ball,Ooga stabs Joe in the eye.

    Rabbit keeps going around blasting people with the Weed Blower,which we find out is full of EeBee's magic weed. And pretty soon everyone is high off EeBee's magic weed. EeBee shows up. Is pissed.And since everyone has smoked her magic weed she uses her powers to bring Larnell,Rabbit,Sarah and some blonde lady that i guess was added to the series in Evil Bong vs Gingerdead man.

    And the movie ends. Yep like I have said this feels more like the opening segments of a few different episodes of the nonexistant Evil Bong tv show.

    Man I was hoping this would be like the previous 3 Evil Bong films. Sure they weren't amazing but they were a ok way to kill an hour and change and I would laugh at least a few times.

    Evil Bong 420 made me laugh once. It feels like Charles Band and Full Moon took a film and cut it into two movies. Like what Lloyd Kaufman did with Toxic Avenger 2 and 3. There is really no conflict in this movie. No real plot. It feels more like a way for Band to add even more Full Moon franchises to the Evil Bong universe. Almost like Band is seeing how the MCU is a huge success and he is making a Full Moon Cinematic Universe. But since these films don't play cinemas would this instead be the Full Moon Streaming Universe?

    Well I said I wanted to see all the Evil Bong films,and while this one was crap(well besides getting to see the gorgeous Sam Aotaki) cause of how it ended I am gonna watch Evil Bong High 5 soon.

    Evil Bong 420 gets a D.

    And like last year my buddy ,who i keep trying to get to sign up here,is doing the same. He is covering hammer.

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    Thanks for the sticky.

    Can't wait to see what all yall watch this year.

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    Kicked off last night with Mas Alla Del Terror (Beyond Fear, 1980) - a pretty obscure Spanish film, still only available as a VHS rip, insofar as I'm aware.

    I wouldn't go so far as to say it was a lost classic or anything, but it was pretty wild, in an "I have absolutely no idea where this is going next" kind of way, which I appreciated.

    After an off-puttingly slow pre-credits sequence, it kicks into gear as a kind of 'Mad Foxes'-via-'Last House..' type psychotic gang movie, with these punk kids indulging in all kinds of gratuitous cruelty, and dialogue which (if the fab-subs to be believed) seems like an endless tirade of obscene insults.

    After a killing spree in a greasy spoon cafe they were trying to rob (dig that low level of ambition), they briefly go on the road 'Rabid Dogs' style with a pair of hostages, then get stuck into a predictably horrid home invasion scenario, leaving the house in flames - but, the elderly lady they've left for dead turns out to have been a Satanic priestess of some kind, and she curses them with her dying breaths!

    Shortly thereafter, the gang and their hostages find themselves holed up in a remote, ruined church with eerie, skeleton-filled catacombs beneath it. It's a shame that the pacing of this horror-themed second half of the film pretty much grinds to a halt in comparison to the action-packed stuff which preceded it, and the idea of having the evil-doers' victims return in spectral form to get their revenge is pretty old hat - but nonetheless, there's still some great de Ossorio-type atmosphere to enjoy, along with occasional outbursts of killer, Goblin-esque disco-rock on the soundtrack. The actress who plays Lola, the female gang member, is pretty bad-ass too, and -- kind of a great ending as well, which I won't spoil here.

    Again, not exactly a work of genius, but this was a lot of fun and definitely surpassed my expectations - well worth tracking down for fans of sleazy, late-era Euro-horror, and it would be lovely to see a restored version popping up at some point.

    Meanwhile, got the annual October reviews marathon on my blog underway with a post on Sugar Hill (spoiler: not really a fan). I'm trying to stick to a new-review-every-two-days schedule through the month, but have a lot on, so not sure I'll make it.

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    I'm probably not going to be able to shove in a lot of movies now that we have the NFL, college football and the baseball post season all underway. Besides, at least 75% of what I watch is in the horror genre.

    Watched the 1935 version of The Raven with Karloff and Lugosi via the Shout blu ray. Years ago I really hated this movie. Lugosi was way over the top, the dialogue was risible (for example:"Oh Vollin, try to be sane". Yeah, that'll work) and most of the cast come off like dicks. Eventually, I grew somewhat fond of the film and now can enjoy it for what it is, a 61 minute showcase for an unrestrained Lugosi with giggle inducing dialogue. Same as it ever was, just a new outlook on it.

    01)-The Raven (35)
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    Ratings from No stars to ****

    01) Purgatory Road (2017) ***1/2
    02) The Grudge (2020) **
    03) Memorial Valley Massacre (1988) **
    04) Doctor of Doom (1962) **1/2
    05) The Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy (1964) *1/2
    06) Night of the Bloody Apes (1968) **
    07) The Demon's Rook (2013) ***
    08) Cruel Jaws (1995) **1/2
    09) Hubie Halloween (2020) **
    10) Fractured (2019) ***
    11) Death Note (2017) **1/2
    12) The Dead Zone (1983) ****
    13) Split Second (1992) *1/2
    14) Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010) ***
    15) It Chapter Two (2019) **1/2
    16) Gemini (1999) **1/2
    17) Extra Ordinary (2019) ***
    18) Demons (1985) ***
    19) Grave Robbers (1989) **1/2
    20) Ginger Snaps (2000) ***
    21) Knuckleball (2018) **
    22) 1BR (2019) **1/2
    23) Blood for Dracula (1974) **
    24) Demons 2 (1986) **
    25) The Untold Story (1993) *1/2
    26) Children of the Night (1991) **1/2
    27) Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987) **1/2
    28) Shivers (1975) ***
    29) Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1988) **1/2
    30) Ginger Snaps: Unleashed (2004) **1/2
    31) Sleepwalkers (1992) **1/2
    32) Day of the Animals (1977) ***
    33) Satan's Slave (1982) **
    34) Dr. Jekyll's Dungeon of Death (1978) **
    35) Embodiment of Evil (2008) *1/2
    36) Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker (1981) ***
    37) The Brood (1979) ***1/2
    38) Creature from Black Lake (1976) **1/2
    39) Possessor (2020) ***
    40) DeepStar Six (1989) **
    41) Eyes of a Stranger (1981) ***
    42) Altered States (1980) **1/2
    43) Demon Knight (1995) ***
    44) Pieces (1982) **
    45) Shallow Grave (1994) ***
    46) The Rift (1989) **
    47) Night of the Demons (1988) **
    48) Hack-O-Lantern (1988) **1/2
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    TITLE-Evil Bong High 5
    SOURCE-Tubi TV streaming service

    Well at least this time the movie is over an hour. Which I hope means we get a full plot. Rabbit,Larnell,Sarah and Velicity are stuck in Bong World. But Rabbit thinks he has figured a way out. He has created a new way of life called Nothing Head. When he empty's his mind he has access to great powers.

    But before he can use his new powers to escape the Bong World,EeBee shows up and says she is sending Larnell,Rabbit and Gingerdead Man to the real world. Where they have to make a shitpile of money in a short amount of time. If they don't EeBee's evil women,played by Pornstar Skin Diamond and some generic looking blonde lady,will pleasure Sarah and Velicity to death.

    Now back in the real world Larnell,Rabbit and Gingerdead Man open up a headshop,kinda like Larnell and the guys had in part 3. And try to make the money by selling EeBee's magic weed.

    This just leads to various people coming in to buy weed and what amounts to short skits. We get appearances from Hambo,Joe Cracker,The Gook and his lady and others.

    The guys,well 2 guys and a killer animated cookie,don't make the money in time. But Rabbit manages to use his new powers to stop EeBee. And it ends setting us up for the next installment of what is now Full Moon's second biggest franchise,of course Puppet Master is their biggest franchise

    Ok so this is better than the previous film. But it ain't great. Pretty much unless you just gotta see every Full Moon film I would say stream this on Tubi TV or maybe luck into a DVD copy for cheap.

    Just like the last Evil Bong film a good chunk of this movie feels like an advertisment for the Full Moon website.

    Evil Bong High 5 gets a C-.

    And old CodyLL covered Hammer's The Curse of Frankenstein

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    Ahh crap. I didn't realize it was October.

    Last Cannibal World (Jungle Holocaust) [uncut] (Italy, 1977) 8/10 **
    At first glance I really have little interest in the cannibal genre. Entrail munching natives just doesn’t do much for me. I got lucky that the brilliant Cannibal Holocaust was my first taste of the genre. I wasn’t likely to give cannibal films many looks but Cannibal Holocaust is something special. I’d say I got lucky again that I viewed Jungle Holocaust when I was already many films into the genre as it’s possibly the most grueling and shocking. I greatly enjoyed Cannibal Ferox, Eaten Alive, Cut and Run, and Amazonia but as shocking as those films can be they don’t match Jungle Holocaust. I found that film to be an endurance test of WTF and “I can’t believe they just did that”. Kudos to Deodato for keeping the intensity going. I fully expected to use my FFW button to make it through some slow parts but they never came. My jaw hit the floor fairly early in the film and never really came back up. I’m more surprised one of the biggest shocks was saved for near the end. And kudos to Massimo Foschi for the unhinged performance and running around the jungle completely nude for a few weeks. Wow! While I never expected Cannibal films to appeal to me, what I have found is that its my love of Euro Cult cinema that makes them so appealing. I love Euro Cult for many reasons but most of all it for the unexpected WTF moments I rarely get from American cinema. And Cannibal films deliver more “Holy shit!I can’t believe they just did that” than any other genre.

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    Have to bow out. But you guys have fun.
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    10/01/2020 Silent Hill streaming-
    The first 35 minutes were pretty good, nice effects and creepy set-pieces. Then I went to sleep with the TV on a sleep timer because i have to get up about 4:30 am these days. I have never played the game. It's based on a video game, right? So I vaguely remember seeing this before, and I remember a feeling of too much explanation that wasn't really needed at one point. Sometimes too much explanation ruins things. Things are just fine being weird with no reason. I'll try watch rest of it soon.

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    I don't know how many horror films I'll get to this month (I like to still mix in some other stuff now and, life), but I'll post here when I watch one. Decided to kick off the month with a truly disturbing one - ANGST (1983). This still gets under my skin, even little things are off-putting, like when the killer is in the diner eating's nauseating. The entire home invasion is nightmarish, and has one of the longest, most drawn out deaths I've ever seen, but the tunnel murder takes it to a whole 'nother level. Sooo deeply unsettling in so many ways. One of those films that is completely impossible to shake off after it's over. If this one had been easily available for a long time it would have a giant reputation.
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