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Thread: RIP Daria Nicolodi

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    She was very active on Twitter. So much so that I had to unfollow because I don't like to follow accounts that push out 100+ tweets a day. But I remember her liking something I sent her which was cool.
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    RIP. 70 is way to young!
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    Quote Originally Posted by agent999 View Post
    I should imagine that only two people know the truth, but it seems like she never really got the credit that she deserved. Really good in Property is no Longer a Theft (that's the sexy one if you've not seen it!) and so charming in Deep Red. RIP.
    I didn't much care for PROPERTY IS NO LONGER A THEFT, but she was definitely super sexy in it. I need to revisit that and see if it makes a better impression knowing what to expect. Maybe over this long weekend...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex K. View Post
    It's a shame they didn't use her script for Mother of Tears.
    Interesting, I didn't know she had written one. I would have liked that, as I found even the dreadful SUSPIRIA "remake" preferable to Argento's last film in the trilogy.
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    RIP. She was so great in DEEP RED.


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