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Thread: What'd You Get Lately - 2021 Edition

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    From a film fair I went to today:

    Primitives (Severin BD)
    Cannibal Man (Severin BD)
    Kung Fu Trailers of Fury (Severin BD)
    You Lucky People! (BFI DVD)
    Fox (TV series) (Network DVD)
    Beasts (TV series) (Network DVD)
    The Fish With Golden Eyes (DVD-R)
    Embrujada (aka Bewitched) (DVD-R)
    Doris Wishman Double feature: Indecent Desires/My Brother's Wife (Something Weird Video DVD)
    Swinging Double feature Sin In the Suburbs/The Swap and How They Make it (Something Weird Video DVD)
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    Holocaust 2000 BD
    Zenabel BD
    I'm bitter, I'm twisted, James Joyce is fucking my sister.

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    My Black Friday purchases:

    From Vinegar Syndrome:

    1) Forgotten Gialli Volume Three
    2) Dial Code Santa Claus
    3) Satan's Blood
    4) The Films of Rudy Ray Moore - Box - Will get the 2 Rudy Ray Moore films I'm missing during another sale
    5) Furies Sexuelles / Prostitution Clandestine (Peekarama)
    6) The Violent Years [AGFA]
    7) Godmonster of Indian Flats [AGFA]
    8) Smut Without Smut: Satanic Horror Nite [AGFA + Something Weird]
    9) I Drink Your Blood [Grindhouse Releasing]

    From Severin:

    1) Night of the Demon - Bought this before I found out later the same day that 88 Films are releasing this in the UK, in conjunction with Severin, along with the 1979 Video Nasty "Delirium". Ah well I'll sabe money by getting the UK release of Delirium

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