She made the list!

"“I was born with a handicap but I turned it into an asset.” So screamed the tagline on posters for Alex deRenzy’s Long Jeanne Silver. It was the movie that put Arizona girl Jeanne Silver on the porn map and it’s still the one she’s most identified with. As a result of a congenital birth defect, Silver had her left foot and part of her lower leg amputated at an early age. A prothesis disguised the fact that she was an amputee. In a 2013 podcast with The Rialto Report she disclosed that she had been a wild child. “I got into drug use really early.” She left home at 17 for the bright lights of New York City, then the capital of porn production. Waterpower—known notoriously as “the enema movie”—was her adult debut, albeit in a non-sex role. She’d never seen porn before. The name she took was a nod to the legendary one-legged pirate Long John Silver. The Mitchell Brothers flew her to San Francisco for a stint onstage at their O’Farrell St. Theater. Then they turned her over to director deRenzy, who made the movie most associated with her. Silver’s filmography is short, fewer than 20 titles. She was featured in the Mitchell Bros.’ Desire for Men, a Carol Connors showcase, in a boy-girl with Herschel Savage and a tussle with Serena (doubling for Carol). She did mostly girl-girl scenes, and never anal. By her mid-twenties she had quit the business. As she told Rialto Report, she didn’t worry about acting, she just enjoyed the sex."