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Thread: Tarantino Making A Manson Movie - Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

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    Tarantino Making A Manson Movie - Once Upon A Time In Hollywood


    "Quentin Tarantino is developing a film about the Manson family murders.

    According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Pulp Fiction and Hateful Eight director will write and direct the as-yet untitled film, which concerns the notorious killings of five people, including pregnant actor Sharon Tate – wife of director Roman Polanski – carried out by followers of Charles Manson in 1969. Manson and four followers later received life imprisonment – and his group were also responsible for a number of other killings during the 1960s."

    More here.
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    I guess now that he's done his big Western, he's getting lazy.

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    Instead of rehashing the Manson case he should do a giallo set in Nazi-occupied Rome, circa 1944.

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    Polanski must be thrilled.

    I dunno, seems like a horrible subject for QT to bring to the screen.
    Mo mystery, unlikable characters and we already knwo how it ends.

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    What's the point? Jim Van Bebber made pretty much the definitive film on the subject and QT has most likely seen Bebber's movie too.
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    I like Manson stuff. You're all grouches!

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    My first reaction to new Tarantino movies is usually pretty excited. This just made me wonder, "Why?"
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    Isn't he going to quit after 10 films? If so, then I welcome this as one closer. Adored his first three films, but Kill Bill was childish crap for people who haven't seen the far superior movies he ripped off. Kind of liked Inglorious Basterds but the last two dragged on far longer than they should have. He's not quite reached Argento levels of tepid self recycling, but he's not far off. Still, after all the negative shit I've just spouted, I'd really like to see one more classic from him, but this material is to familiar unless he does something radical. Van Bebber gave it a good shot with his modern scenes.
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    Maybe he'll include Godzilla as a member of the Family? That would be different.

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    I was kinda hoping he'd just keep making westerns.

    There was a point when I thought the idea of him making a proper sci-fi or horror (giallo or gothic) movie would be neat, but I'm not sure the ol' boy has it in him. I'm not at all interested in a Manson movie.
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