So I thought instead of running that SWEET TOOTH thread into the ground I'd start a new one. And if it's ok I'll be posting my thoughts and reviews that I originally post on The Collected Editions Marvel Masterwork Board. If this isn't ok feel to delete. I just like you guys here and would like to share with you and get your thoughts on this stuff too. Plus this'll mostly be non-Big 2 stuff and they ain't big on that over there.

Anyways here's that Jodo book:

Written by Alejandro Jodorowsky, Art byJeremy

Jodorowsky's take on THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK if the man was a hermaphrodite who's part of a secret sect of immortals that includes Nostradamus, a talking gorilla, and Imhotep, among others. They need the man/woman in the iron mask to help them stop Napoleon who's also immortal from taking over the world. That's the first half anyways.

Lot's of death, rape, babies suckling on dog teats, sword fights, pyramids, midgets, vision quests, secrets and oh so many twists and turns! I liked this a lot. A lot more than I thought I would. Definitely made me uncomfortable in more than a few spots, even among Jodorowsky's works it gets pretty nutty. Eventually they even rope Jack the Ripper into the proceedings and somehow it all feels fresh and works. If you're new to Jodorowsky's work I wouldn't start here. Start with Metabarons or Technopriests or The Incal. This is Jodo having fun with his bag of tricks and it's great watching him take the piss out Napoleon and the French. The New Agey stuff is mostly kept to a minimum.

The artwork by Jeremy (who did the book BARRACUDA by Cinebook) is breathtakingly stunning. The tale spans decades and looking at the art it's unbelievable that it didn't take centuries to produce. The art and the story are so good they are both constantly fighting for your attention. The hardcover book itself collects all four of the original Euro albums (232 pages total). Titan publishes this under their Statix Press imprint. They reproduce the four covers from the Euro albums in the back but there's no other extras. There's also a page listing all the other Statix Press books which look like most of Titan's Euro offerings. The problem is a lot of these are OOP. I hate when publishers do this, "check out our other books" that are no longer available. They know what's in print, why do this? But I digress, the book is great. Go get it! Or get Jodo's other books then get this!