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Thread: New Misfits Album In October...

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    And Jerry said Doyle would be back in his Misfits as well, and that didn't happen.

    As for Glenn, he said the "reunion" shows with Doyle are the closet thing anyone is ever going to see a classic Misfits reunion.

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    "The Misfits Three" should make a reunion band with Metallica (with Lou Reed on vocals), that would be awesome.

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    New Misfits Album In October...

    Someone needs to pay us a boatload of money for a Misfats' reunion. That'd be about a billion times better.
    It's not going to suck itself...

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    I'd kickstarter contribute to that.

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    It's painful enough to watch Glenn act like an ass now.

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    Jerry Only = Desperate.

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    I'm looking forward to hearing Danzig's cover album after hearing his version of Devil's Angels.

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    On February 5, 2013, the Misfits will be releasing a new live album called Dead Alive. The 14-song album only features music from the band's post-Glenn Danzig era, likely due to the fact that the band only controls the name but not the song rights for the older material. It is dominated by songs from 2011's The Devil's Rain but also includes songs from the Michale Graves-era albums including Famous Monsters and American Psycho. A cover of the Rocky Horror Picture Show's "Science Fiction/Double Feature" rounds out the track listing.

    The Devil's Rain
    Vivid Red
    Land of the Dead
    Curse of the Mummy's Hand
    Cold in Hell
    Dark Shadows
    Death Ray
    American Psycho
    Dig Up Her Bones
    Science Fiction/Double Feature
    Saturday Night

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    I'm not going to buy this.
    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Jane View Post
    I'm not going to buy this.
    I'm proud of you, Ian. This is a big step.

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    I eventually warmed up to the Graves era stuff, but the Jerry/Dez/Robo line-up is just plain sad.

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