"Veteran screen star Kent Cheng stars in a modern take on the Mr. Vampire formula entitled Vampire's Breakfast! Fat Piao (Kent Cheng) is a newspaper reporter who happens across a series of suspicious murders. One witness, the pretty Angie Lin (Emily Chu), actually professes to have seen an inhuman creature, but there's the lack of any actual proof to go on. Luckily, Fat Piao falls for Angie and vice-versa. Unluckily, there's still a murderer on the loose, and from Angie's testimony - and the noticeable bite marks on the victims' necks - it would seem to make sense that the perpetrator is avampire. But before they can get the word out, the vampire shows up to wreak havoc! Can Fat Piao and witness Mao (Keith Kwan) stop the vampire, or will they die trying? Another entry in the ever-popular horror-comedy genre, Vampire's Breakfast features a fun modern take on the genre and yet another iconic performance from horror-comedy veteran Kent Cheng, who also starred in similar genre entries like Vampire Buster and The Spooky Family."


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