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Thread: Blade Runner sequel / Blade Runner 2049 (merged)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Jane View Post
    I was excited for it too, then my theatrical experience watching It was just so shitty that I wrote off going to the multiplexes. Figured I'd watch it in 4k at home without assholes on cell phones talking through the whole thing.
    It is totally legal to use excessive violence against people using phones in cinemas.

    I saw Bladerunner 2049 in the arthouse theatre. It was still quite underwhelming
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    Watched this last night and found myself really enjoying it. I can see why some people complain that it's too slow and that it's too long but it worked for me. It's as much an art film in a lot of ways as it is anything else, there's very little action here, but the story worked for me. I thought it was a decent continuation of what was laid down in the original, I thought that the performances were very strong across the board and man oh man oh man did it ever look beautiful. Great use of sound too. Really strong on every possible technical level. In my opinion it isn't better than the original as some have claimed, it's not even close really, but for my money it was a strong sequel to a movie that didn't really need one and I'm happy to have seen it.
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    The original is too long and slow. And I love it. Also really liked this, it looked terrific and was very well made. I’be been listening to the minimalist soundtrack for a while now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy G View Post
    The original is too long and slow.
    It's slow but not that long. Out the door in under 2 hours is all I ask. I didn't like the new one that much. The first ones got a shortage of plot and a lot of poetry. This ones got a fair whack of plot and so no room for the poetry despite the blotted runtime. This doesn't feel blade runner at all to me. The first had that sci fi noir feel. This one only hits that feel occassionally and seemingly by accident. Otherwise it just looks like every other sci fi film where the cgi team has the capability to build to build whatever the fuck they want. But ultimately what bothers me is the scale. I don't want to watch another story where the balance of the entire world is in jeopardy. If you're building this whole huge new world I think it would be so much more fun to have a strory within that is small and human.

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