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Thread: 31 Days of Horror 2021 edition

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    TITLE-Dawn of the Dead Extended Mall Hours Cut

    For years now I knew of this cut of Dawn of the Dead,but never saw it. Sure I had seen the US theatrical cut. Seen the Cannes cut and the Argento cut. But this super long cut,which uses all the footage from those 3 cuts plus stuff never seen,was one I could never track down. Well never track down and not have to pay 40 bucks. Sure I've seen a few SumGuys selling copies at cons. But I wasn't going pay 40 bucks for a dvd-r. And could never talk any of the "collectors" dvd dealers down to 20 bucks. Never thought to look for it on Youtube until the other day.

    Of course this film is a sequel to George Romero's Night of the Living Dead.While we are never told it appears to happen a few weeks after the end of Night. Starting off in a news station,where we meet Flyboy and his girl. We see how society has started to collapse already. After this we are taken to a big ass apartment building. This is where we meet our other two leads. They are cops who are invading the building.

    Eventually our four leads all meet up and take off in a helicopter. After a stop to get gas,and this scene is amazing,they end up landing on the roof of a shopping mall. The mall has everything they need so they make this into their new home.

    The four clear all the zombies out of the mall. Use 18 wheelers to block all the entrances. And it seems like they are going to be OK.

    But a gang of roving bikers spots the mall and invades it. After this invasion of course the mall isn't safe anymore. And we are down to two of our leads,Flyboy got bit and became a zombie and one of the cops had got bit earlier. Our two living leads manage to make it up to the roof get in the helicopter and take off. Knowing they are low on fuel and having no idea what will happen next.

    I had first seen Night of the Living Dead in about 1980,thanks to an airing one Halloween night. Not sure how but I had learned there was a sequel. It took me a few years to find a copy for rent at a local video store. Thanks to Fangoria magazine I knew there was at least 2 cuts. What I found to rent was the US theatrical cut. During the late 90s I managed to get the Cannes cut on VHS. A local K-mart was closing and had it for 5 bucks. The Argento cut I didn't get to see until I got that Anchor Bay DVD set that had all three cuts.

    The quality of the Extended Mall Hours cut on Youtube is pretty good. It lists that it can be viewed in 1080p,I watched it in 720p. You can tell when it goes to footage that isn't from the US theatrical cut cause the picture quality drops a bit. But never is the picture or sound horrible.

    For a long time this was my favorite of Romero's Living Dead series of films. But as I got older I started to enjoy Night even more. Dawn is a close second.

    Now that I have seen every cut that is out there. I still prefer the Cannes cut. But this extended Mall Hours cut is pretty damn good. Just the film runs a bit long.

    Dawn of the Dead Extended Mall Hours Cut gets a B+.

    Cody watches GHOSTBUSTERS!!!

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    Day 18

    SOURCE-Joe Bob's Last Drive In on Shudder

    For close to 15 years now I have heard about Hack-O-Lantern. But never wanted to pay what a VHS copy was selling for. Then the Blu ray came out and I missed out. Thankfully last year as part of his Halloween special Joe Bob Briggs showed it.

    Made by an Indian director this was a money grab to get some of that sweet slasher bucks.By the time this came out in 88 the slasher fad was pretty much dead. And the film wasn't helped by it being really low budget and just odd as fuck.

    A wacky grandpa is teaching his grandson the ways of Satanism. This grandson turns out to be a scummy piece of shit. Who goes around killing people while dressed up as a demon.

    Speaking of the grandson. Dude has a great collection of horror movie posters in his basement. Plus added bonus his girlfriend is played by Adult Film Star Jenna Fine.

    While watching the Joe Bob airing of this I learned why Jenna was hired. The director wanted women with no pubic hair. So hired a pornstar. That way they could do full frontal nudity and not worry about having to mosaic out the hair when released in Japan.

    And man is this film padded. We get two musical numbers from a band. Both times it feels like a music video was dropped into the film. Then at a Halloween Bacholer party we get a stand up comedian doing his stand up set outside. Joe Bob theorized this is because films in India are like a variety show. So the director put that aspect into the movie.

    The acting is pretty bad. But the sets and FX work aren't too bad. But hey I finally got to see a film I've been wanting to see for years.

    Hack-O-Lantern gets a D+.

    Cody watches of course Ghostbusters II. Wish they had made a feature length movie out of the animated version.

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    Day 18: The Tomb of Ligeia

    Vince Noir.
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    Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things-I can understand why a lot of people don't like this movie. Too much talking for the first 50 minutes, bad dialogue and some ripe acting. But once it kicks into gear, this is fun. One of my faves. 9

    Ripper:Letter From Hell-If you never see this movie, your life won't be the worse for it. Standard slasher and an ambiguous ending of course. 3

    OCTOBER 2021

    1-The Empty Man
    2-American Nightmares(2018)
    3-Dementia 13 (1963)
    4-Taste Of Phobia
    5-Blood The Last Vampire
    6-The Lady And The Monster
    7-The Robot vs The Aztec Mummy
    8-The Witch's Mirror
    10-Cube 2 Hypercube
    11-Cube Zero
    13-The Mortuary Collection
    14-100 Cries Of Terror
    15-Head Trauma
    16-Night Of The Living Dead (1990)
    17-End Of The Line
    18-The Earth Dies Screaming
    19-The Secret of Dorian Gray
    20-The Comeback
    21-Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
    22-Ripper: Letter From Hell
    "The popcorn you're eating has been pissed in. Film at 11".

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    Day 19: Beetlejuice

    Round boy, we're gonna have some laughs.
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    Blood of the Virgins
    (Emilio Vieyra, 1967)

    Rough n' ready Argentinian vampire movie from the man who brought us 'The Curious Dr Humpp', using a ski lodge in lieu of a gothic castle.

    Not without its charms (nice colour photography, funky music, frequent nudity), but generally lacking in the kind of weirdness and imagination I was hoping for, and so-o-o-o slow. Made 75 minutes feel like about ten years.

    Could definitely have benefited from having some New York wise-ass splice in unconnected lesbian footage and give it a wacky English dub.


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    Day 19

    TITLE-The House by the Cemetery
    SOURCE-Joe Bob's Last Drive In airing on Shudder

    Some how this Lucio Fulci classic escaped me. Never found the VHS for rent or for sale. Never saw the DVD for sale. And after a bit I just forgot about it.

    Skip ahead to near the end of winter in 2004. My wallet was flush with cash from my recent income tax return. After stopping at a near by Mom&Pop electronics store,bought a 42 inch Samsung Plasma tv,I went across the street to the local mall. Figuring I would buy a few DVDs to watch on my new TV. At a FYE I saw they were having a big sale. Spend 40 bucks and get 2 free DVDs out of their clearance bin. After grabbing a few wrestling DVDs and a couple of comedies I was over the 40 buck threshold. Went to dig into the clearance bin and saw.

    I knew that Horror Rises from the Tomb was a Paul Naschy film. And after seeing Fury of the Wolfman and Werewolf vs the Vampire Women I was interested in seeing more of his films. I had no clue what the other 3 films on this set was. Plus since it was 2 discs,flippers with one movie per side,FYE counted it as 2 DVDs. I thought Fuck it! It's a Paul Naschy film I had never seen so I picked it as my free DVDs.

    After I got home and hooked up the new TV,this set got place on the ever growing "To Be Watched"pile. And there it sat for a few years. When I moved again in early 2007 we went a few days without cable. So that To Be Watched pile shrunk some. This is when I learned that Zombie Hell House was just a retitled version of Fulci's The House by the Cemetery.

    From what I can find online Zombie Hell House is a UK retitling of the film. I'm guessing Brentwood,who put out the Horror Rises from the Graves set,just assumed this edit of the film was Public domain and released it.

    After watching House by the Cemetery I saw why it was loved and hated. You start off right with a nice kill

    With a knife to the back of a lady's skull. I wasn't prepared for the next scene though. We got another place. And are introduced to Bob....

    As soon as he appeared on the screen I realized two things. First I had seen this same actor before in Warriors of the Wasteland,a great Mad Max Italian ripoff with Fred Williamson and George Eastman. And secondly once Bob spoke I saw why everybody I knew that saw this film talked about how bad the dubbing for Bob was. He sounds like a 40 year old woman trying to do a young male kid's voice. It is so bad that the actor that plays Bob has at conventions and in interviews apologized for the dubbing.

    Bob and his family move into the house where we saw the woman get knife to the skull. And shit just gets weirder. For example a bat comes into the house and attacks them. The dad manages to kill it in a fairly bloody way.

    It being a Fulci movie I expected gore. And I'm a bit use to Italian horror films not always making lots of sense. This film has piles of stuff that just doesn't fit or make sense. Like when the mother comes into a room,sees the nanny cleaning blood off the floor. And after being told the nanny had just made coffee the Mom never mentions the big blood stain!

    From what I have read an early home video release of this film got a couple of the film reels out of order. So you would see people die,then later on they were back alive. Which I'm sure back in the day people just chalked up to Italian horror not always making sense.

    This isn't top tier Fulci horror. But it isn't his worse. The best way to watch this is with a group. And never ever try to figure out what the fuck is going on. Treat it like a nightmare and allow the dream logic to just flow.

    The House by the Cemetery gets a C+.

    Cody covers Ghostbusters 2016. He is brave to watch that pile of crap again.

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    Day 20: The Mystery of the Wax Museum

    Technicolor eye trip.
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    TITLE-Death Park parts 1,2,3,4,5,6
    SOURCE-B-Movies TV On Demand

    Back in late 2017 I finally got a ROKU. And thanks to the great DVDVR forum I had learned about B-Movies TV. B-Movies TV is a free streaming service that is only available on ROKU devices. 24/7 it is airing movies,cartoons,tv shows and even some pro wrestling. But unlike most streaming services B-Movies TV has no video on demand. You just know that every 2 hours on the top of the hour a new film will start. And each day has a theme. So for months I would check every 2 hours to see what they were airing. And got to see some rare cult movies on there. Cause B-Movies TV specializes is cult and rare film.

    Skip ahead to summer of 2020 and I learn that there is now a second B-Movies TV streaming service. This second service is titled B-Movies TV on Demand. And is all video on demand stuff. I added it and was looking through what all they offered. Besides the normal public domain stuff that piles of free services offer was 6 short horror movies titled Death Park 1 through 6.

    Death Park 1 was released back in 2018.It is only 7 minutes long. Set in a state park it is about a killer running around during the day time ,while wearing a rubber full head Donald Trump mask. And this killer was killing various people in this park in fairly gruesome ways.

    Parts 1,2 and 3 are all fairly short. Usually being close to 7 minutes long.And mostly just have people in the park then the killer appears and kills them. Usually by stabbing them with something sharp. Then starting with part 4 we start getting longer entries with more plot.

    Part 4 is almost 20 minutes long. In this part we see a graphic kill. Where a guy gets his penis chopped off. And DAMN it looks very realistic. Also in part 4 we learn that one of the park attendents lost his eye when attacked by the masked killer. This attack happened before the first Death Park short.

    Part 5 was the last segment of this series that was filmed in 2019. It is almost 30 minutes long. You can tell that by this part the cast and crew got into the groove of low budget film making. So part 5 feels like a legit short film.

    As of right now Part 6,which was released in 2020,is the newest instalment of this series.It is close to 40 minutes long. And like part 5 it is a major improvment in the series. The kills look even better. The acting is much better and it is neat to see the cast and crew get better with each part of the series.

    Now sure these are amazing films. But sometimes you are in the mood for something a bit cheesy and cheap. And Death Park 1 through 6 fits that perfectly. The way part 6 ends you can tell they hope to make another installment.

    Looking on IMDB I see that Death Park:The End is filming right now in 2021 and is suppose to come out soon.

    I just looked and all 6 parts are now on Youtube.So if you don't have a Roku you can watch them.

    Playlist of Death Park 1 through 6 on Youtube

    The Death Park series is made by Ken Brewer.

    Ken wrote,produced and directed all six released Death Park short films and is doing the same for the upcoming Death Park:The End.

    He also wrote,produced and directed the short film Slaycation. Which is also on Youtube.

    It shows that Ken loves horror. And it is always fun to watch horror films made by people that love the genre.

    Death Park 1 through 6 get a C+.

    Cody covers Gremlins.

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    The Abominable Snowman
    (Val Guest, 1957)

    So far in my October viewing this year, we've had turns from Bela, Boris, Vincent, Sir Chris and Big Donald... but nothing yet from our man Peter, so thought it was time to rectify that with one of more overlooked performances, in a movie which remains overlooked on all fronts.

    Less of a horror of course, more a cerebral / humanist SF tale dressed up as one of those flea-bitten colonial adventure flicks Hammer persisted on making well into the '60s, but still, the final act remains extremely tense and atmospheric, whilst Nigel Kneale's intelligent revision of a well-trodden formula elevates it to the very top rank of '50s monster movies so far as I'm concerned (all the more so for its noble / commercially disasterous refusal to actually give us a good look at the monster).

    Always very impressed with the production design here too - even viewed in a HD transfer, it mixes up matte paintings, back projection, stock footage and sets so effectively that for a minute or two here and there, you really start to believe Michael Carreras must have packed everyone off to the Himalayan peaks to film this damned thing.



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