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Thread: Kino Starting Free (ad-supported) Cult Movie Streaming Channel

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    Kino Starting Free (ad-supported) Cult Movie Streaming Channel

    From Variety, the channel launches tomorrow (October 1st) and will " available on web, mobile devices and connected TVs that have access to Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV and other video-on-demand apps."

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    I wonder if this will be up here???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Tolch View Post
    I wonder if this will be up here???
    I'm sure it won't be down here. It will need to be good to get me to start fiddling with VPNs again. There's such a gap in the market here, with so much money to be made, but a glance at their website leads me to thinking Kino is not the one to fill it. Small library, very niche, half of the websites pages dont work. Doesn't seem inspiring. Seems like everyone in this distribution game is too small to do this properly. Maybe, back in the day, someone like Anchor Bay could have done it properly but now the labels that are left look they operate on a "hobby-ist" level rather than being capable of doing something significant.
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    Kino has quite a library of films to offer, and they continue to put out interesting titles. Pure coincidence, but recently I've ordered several of their titles that I had previously passed up on (SUDDEN TERROR, ICY BREASTS, PICTURE MOMMY DEAD, DIABOLICALLY YOURS). And I'm just about to start a thread about a very welcome upcoming release...
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    I have it on my roku TV, there are a lot of titles. I haven't watched it yet, you have to register first.
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