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Thread: Battle Royale Hitting Blu-ray for Region A March 2012 from Anchor Bay

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    The greenish tinting seems to be par the course for Japanese home video transfers in general, but I don't think it's any more accurate than the likes of Ritrovata.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 47lab View Post
    BR is just one of those films where blu ray doesn't really help it. It just looks hazy and murky regardless. I also prefer the US release as it's brighter and a bit more contrasty but the Arrow is probably the more 'correct' presentation even though it's darker and has a greenish tint. I saw the extended cut in the theater a few years ago but can't recall how it compared to either.
    I went from VCD to DVD to blu-ray, and the blu looks great in comparison, but yeah. It's a pretty muddy-looking film.

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