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Thread: Where to get remaining Onar Films?

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    That makes two of us. Please do keep us posted if this happens Jared.
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    Just posted on Onar's Facebook page:

    This sale is for the Family of our friend Vasilis "Bill"... The money will be send to his family.

    For the orders outside Turkey: buyers add/pay their shipment . All will send to you with PTT (turkish post) Tracking number system. Sending time for Turkey is 1 week and Outside Turkey is 2 weeks. You can contact onarfilms.lastfilms@yahoo.com.
    For the signed posters you have to mention your names!.
    ... Ali Murat Guven

    PS: I will add details for all your questions...

    Prices and the list of the movies
    25 lira - 11 euro - 14 dolar
    30 lira: 13 euro - 17 dolar

    3 DEV ADAM (LAST 85 copy) / Price: 25 lira
    With a small poster signed by Aytekin Akkaya

    ÖLÜLER KONUŞMAZ Kİ / AŞKA SUSAYANLAR (İki filmli DVD / LAST 80 copy) / Price: 30 TL
    With a small poster signed by Aytekin Akkaya

    KORKUSUZ KAPTAN SWING (Last 80 COPY) / Price: 25 TL

    TARZAN İSTANBUL’DA (Last 90 COPY) / Price: 25 TL
    With a small poster signed bu Kunt Tulgar

    With a small poster signed bu Kunt Tulgar (director of the Supermen Donuyor)

    KİLİNK İSTANBUL’DA (Last 30 COPY) / Price: 25 TL

    KIZIL TUĞ: CENGİZ HAN (Last 75 COPY) / Price: 25 TL

    ALTIN ÇOCUK (Last 90 COPY) / Price: 25 TL

    CASUS KIRAN (Last 15 COPY) / Price: 25 TL

    CELLAT (Last 5 COPY) / Fiyatı: 30 TL



    Thanks to Jack for pointing this out.
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    Thanks fir the info! I'll definitely place an order and round out my collection! And I'm very happy to hear the money will go to Bill's family. Kudos for whoever is helping them out with this.

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    Nice, now I can get the only remaining Onar film I'm missing, ALTIN ÇOCUK!
    Just got a response too, it will cost about 50 Turkish Lira for the disc plus shipping. This works out to about 28 bucks Canadian, pretty much the same as I would have paid from Xploited back in the day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zane C. View Post
    Kudos for whoever is helping them out with this.
    I'm told it's film director Kunt Tulgar and film journalist Ali Murat Guven. During Bill's last days Tulgar went to Greece to visit him and I believe they were close friends, as was he with Guven. I guess they must have transported the DVDs to Turkey from Greece as that's were they're selling them from.

    About the prices, 14-17 US dollars is really cheap! I just checked my old Onar invoice for KORKUSUZ KAPTAN SWING and it was $30 plus postage! And lately some of them have gone to insane inflated price levels on eBay. CELLAT is on eBay right now and the latest bid is $66!!!

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    Amazing. I guess I'm going to have to sign up for facebook then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul h. View Post
    Amazing. I guess I'm going to have to sign up for facebook then?
    They also have an ordinary webpage but it's all in Turkish. That page does however have the titles for the films that are in stock + an email address:

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    Ali Murat Guvern has just left a message on my blog. I expect it's alright that I repost it here:

    Dear trash fan friends from all over the world,

    Greetings to all of you.

    My name is Ali Murat Guven, a Turkish film critic, cine-historian and Bill's fellow in Istanbul for many former Onar film releases.

    I saw this blog tonight and wanted to give some friendly information to you.

    Two weeks ago, I sent Mr. Kunt Tulgar, famous Turkish producer-director-actor, as a friendly representative to Bill's widow, Julia Barounis, to Athens, Greece. Julia knows very well all of us, here in Turkey. Because, we all helped Bill many times on his commercial efforts.
    Mr. Tulgar and his wife took many DVD's from Vassilis' home-office, put inside their luggage as they squeeze as possible and returned to Istanbul after two days.
    Now, I am trying to sell these first party of Onar DVD's one by one.

    This is not a commercial activity for me or for Mr. Tulgar. We, the Turks never forget our good friends and Vassilis was a very good friend. Everybody thinks that Turks and Greeks hate each other. But, we were "brothers". My nickname for Vassilis was always "brother" on his e-mail messages. Novadays, I try to deserve this emotional nickname.
    All the payment which is coming from the sales is collecting in a bank account. We earn "zero" on this proscedure.Everything for Julia and her little daughter. There is a deep economical crisis in our neighbour, Greece and this situation worries us too much. Turkey lived a similar position in 2001 and all the moral, ethic values collapsed. We don't want to see our Greek friends in a bad situtation. After they became rich again, then we may go on fighting with Greeks But,not now... It is the time of neighbourhood and friendship.

    You may check this info by writing to Julia, to Athens. She knows everything, these sales and my friendly aim and trusts me.

    Therefore, you are buying this DVD's for "Bill's family", not for me.

    After releasing these adverts on the trash film websites, everyday, I receive more than 20 messages from all around the world and reply all of them one by one.

    I sold 120 DVD to date, in first 10 days. And I sent all of them via registered airmail post to their owners from USA to Australia. And I added to all personal signed photos of Mr. Kunt Tulgar and Mr. Aytekin Akkaya. For only one DVD or for 10 DVD's, I always added 2 mini A4 color posters inside every parcel. This is our little present as the sales team for the supporters of this operation.

    You must know this first... Only "Cellat" (The Executioner) finished... It was really and certainly finished. As the honorary representative of Onar Films in Turkey, I have only ONE COPY from "Cellat" in my library now. And Julia has not got this title in Athens. There was only 9 copies at Athens and Mr. Tulgar bringed them to me. And if we don't print a new 500 legal copies with Onar label as an independent work, it will never be again.
    In the other side, "Kilink Istanbul"da is almost finishing. Last copies of this title are in Istanbul, in my office and I have only 25-30 copies from this title.

    Mr. Tulgar bringed only 11 titles from Athens because of airplane luggage limitations. He was with their wife, Mrs. Emel Tulgar, and they could bring 850 DVD's to me. More of it was destroying the little profits of these DVD's. Because, you know that, extra every kilogram is too expensive on board. A kilogram is two DVD's!

    An important info to you... "Karanlık Sular", "Kadın Dusmanı","Demirpence Korsan Adam" is AVAILABLE. But their copies are in Athens now. Mr. Tulgar will fly to Athens again at the beginning of next May and will also bring me these titles. Total DVD's of Onar Films at the stock is almost 2500. When we sold them, forget forever all these titles. Because, anybody in the world except "Bill" can't prepare these old films with many wonderful extras. There was 4 crazy persons for this madness 1) Metin Demirhan 2) Vassilis Barounis 3) Kunt Tulgar 4) Me... Two of them is dead now, and Kunt and me are fighting to do something for you.

    I shot many extras for Vassilis' former titles here. Last work I have done for Vassilis was a long interview with the actor of "Zagor" films, legendary stunt man Mr. Levent Cakir. Unfortunately, Vassilis couldn't complete the Zagor's. A Turkish company printed two Zagor's last years. But, they have any extras. The quality is so far away from Onar label. Because, Turkish DVD producers are looking to this area as only "the money". If you don't have a deep love against trash genre, you can not be a second Bill.

    I respect him too much, I missed him too much.

    Here is a link you my see our collection at the moment. Don't forget, next month 3 new titles will add to this list:


    If you need any titles and want to support this operation, then write me:


    Best regards to all,



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    It would be cool to see those unused extras for the Zagor release that didn't happen pop up somewhere, even if they were just put on youtube or something.
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    I just got my DVD of ALTIN COCUK from Turkey and they threw in 2 autographed photos, one from Kunt Tulgar and one from Aytekin Akkaya. Nice surprise... I didn't realize they would be in all shipments!

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