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Thread: THE KEEP (1983) Might Be Coming To DVD

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    THE KEEP (1983) Might Be Coming To DVD

    Someone made a post on AV Maniacs yesterday that said this: "It seems that Paramount is currently working on an HD master of this film..." I discounted this since it was April Fool's Day, but on the off chance it was true, I emailed the guy to ask him if he was being serious, or pulling a prank.

    Here's what he told me: "No it isn't a joke, a FaceBook friend of mine who is working for dvd companies posted last week on his FB wall the news that Paramount has a new HD master for the film, so i guess that this year a dvd or Blu Ray will be released."

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    Next year is Paramount's 30th anniversary, my guess is it'll be hitting DVD in 2013.

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    You honestly think The Keep is at the top of Paramount's list of anniversary titles? And wasn't Paramount founded in 1912?

    More than likely it's gonna wind up on TV somewhere in HD or it'll be farmed out to Olive Films or something like that.

    I hope it comes out, haven't seen it in a long, long time.
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    Prolly meant The Keep's 30th.

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    That'd make more sense.
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    No, someone told me next year is Paramount's 30th anniversary. You doubt my knowledge?! For shame.

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    Wait, my knowledge maybe flawed . . .

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    Yes, it is. That's what I get for not doing the legwork and taking people at face value with their facebook posts. Dammit.

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    I'm always surprised there's so much interest in this one.

    Only saw it once and that many moons ago but I remember thinking at the time that it was like an episode of Doctor Who only without the Doctor.
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    Over the years I have learned there is no middle ground with this movie. You either love it, or you hate it.

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