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Thread: Silent Night Deadly Night Remake Coming in 2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason C View Post
    You're not alone, but I can't imagine how someone with this mindset can consider themselves a slasher fan. From your perspective you must feel like you are wading through a sea of garbage just to find a handful of jems. Most slashers are cheap, derivative crap. I like the gems but I also enjoy the crap. In some cases, the closer they follow the formula the better.
    Well see, for me, it's not about the plot or intricate storyline. There has to be a happy medium. I don't find most slashers from the 70s or 80s cheap, derivative crap. Cheesy films like Bloody Moon, Pieces, Nightmares, and so forth still bring with them a style that I can point out and appreciate. Dark character studies like Silent Night Deadly Night, Maniac, Nightmare, and so on take a different approach, but mix the essential ingredients within keep it in place. I think that films like the original Friday the 13th is a masterpiece. There is something for me to love in Humongous, Hell Night, Madhouse, Prom Night, My Bloody Valentine, Sleepaway Camp, Just Before Dawn, Slaughter High, Hide and Go Shriek, Graduation Day, Blood Beat, Midnight, Rituals, Chopping Mall, Girls Nite Out, The Fan, Blood Rage, Fatal Games, Ghost Dance, Don't Open Till Christmas, Hands of the Ripper, Silent Madness, Unhinged, Sweet Sixteen, Srigala, Terror on Tour, and more. People can call them crap all they like, and while there may be something in them that people find repelling, I can find merit, care or comfort in.

    Films I dislike very much like Terror At Tenkiller, Goodnight God Bless, Hollywood's New Blood, Phobia, Shadows Run Black, Open House, Hollow Gate, Fatal Pulse, and more, which I feel simply point the camera and shoot, unable to grasp fluidity and spark in favor of story are problematic. A lot of people criticize slashers for not having strong stories and being too simplistic, and while these disliked films are not heavy at all in this, that is their main goal rather than atmosphere.

    "Most slashers are cheap, derivative crap." <--- Replace slashers with films, and you're right. But like I've said, what you consider crap I may actually be able to see something in. Just like how some people see something in Silent Night, and I think that it might be ok to watch once every 8 years or so.

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    I saw SILENT NIGHT...I didn't care for it. It's all cynicism and black humor with nothing else going on. Lamely tries to re-do the catatonic grandpa wakes up and starts talking scene from the original - with a teen (that we met 5 seconds prior) instead of a kid! Epic Fail.
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    This started out okay but after the first 45 minutes this became a real disappointment. Sort of like getting a fruitcake for Xmas. Pffft.
    "The popcorn you're eating has been pissed in. Film at 11".

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    ...I like fruitcake...

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    New SNDN movie in the works.

    "The 1984 holiday horror classic Silent Night, Deadly Night, controversial at the time of its release due its depiction of an axe-wielding killer dressed as Santa Claus, spawned four sequels and more recently a remake back in 2012, and today we’ve learned out of the ongoing EFM that a brand spankin’ new reboot of the slasher franchise is currently in development."

    More here:
    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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