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As was previously announced in May, veteran print media figures Chris Alexander (FANGORIA, DELIRIUM and horror editor at, Brian Steward (HEAVY METAL, FANGORIA, DELIRIUM) and legendary designer Bill Mohalley (VAMPIRELLA, FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND, FANGORIA,DELIRIUM) have teamed to form the FANTASM Media Group, a venture dedicated to the creation of high-quality, limited edition and officially licensed magazines focusing on some of horror and pop culture’s most celebrated names.

The first FANTASM title announced was the official magazine of the man who refined, perfected and popularized the modern zombie mythos: writer, producer and director George A. Romero.

Sadly, this past weekend, we lost Romero to lung cancer at the age of 77, a heartbreaking loss not just to us and those who knew and loved him, but a huge loss to the world of cinema full stop.

Read Brian's words on George here.

Read Chris' words on George here.

We had no idea we were creating a memorial when we began this project. George got the diagnosis after we started and then it became a race to get this magazine printed before he passed, so he could see all the amazing words and love from all his friends and colleagues.

We knew it was coming, but it makes it no easier to process.

George often signed his name with the tagline, “Stay Scared!” He left us an unparalleled body of work that will keep scaring generations to come. We hope in some small way, this magazine will help to preserve his legacy.

FANTASM presents George A.Romero #1 is now available for pre-order. We will only print 2000 copies and will ship the book at the end of August. Inside, you will find exclusive new interviews and testimonials from Romero alumni and friends like Greg Nicotero, John Russo, Peter Grunwald, Scott Reiniger, Joe Pilato, Lee Karr and many, many more. Plus tons of rare, unpublished photos and amazing full color stills.

It's the ultimate George A. Romero collectible, made by people who knew and loved him.
Issue #2 cover to premiere in early August.