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Thread: Show us yer cameras

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    Here's the back of my camera about to take a sunset in the Lake District
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    Just put in an order for one of these the BMPCC 4k because, hell, you can never have too many cameras. The original BMPCC just feels a little... flakey. Too many corners have been cut I think. This will require a slight aesthetic change to my film which I had been planning to shoot entirely on a gimble. No way I'm gimballing this thing through a 14 hour shoot day. So a tripod is the next purchase. But 4k RAW! Not too shabby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashbifs View Post
    Here's the back of my camera about to take a sunset in the Lake District
    I like that!!

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    Pentax LX/ME/MX
    Rolleicord VB
    Rolleiflex SL35E - the cameras are still in perfect working condition - still will always use film - though digital is great

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