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Thread: Autonomy Pictures Enters The Fray!

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    Autonomy Pictures Enters The Fray!

    From Bloody Disgusting:

    So yeah, a new label releasing some potentially interesting stuff starting with Bunny Games in July. I haven't seen it yet but it's been on my radar for a while and I look forward to checking it out.

    "Derek Curl, David Gregory and Lewis Tice’s new distributor aims to release “uncompromising cinema on a worldwide scale” and will handle four films this year, starting with Adam Rehmeier’s torture porn. “‘The Bunny Game’ is the last word on the torture-porn sub-genre,” Autonomy president Curl said. “I was shocked by its audacity and the raw honesty that it depicted, making me question our collective enjoyment of extreme violence in cinema. At Autonomy Pictures we are not afraid to release such a film, which will undoubtedly inspire heated reaction, because it will allow audiences to make up their own minds."
    Cover art is here:

    Name:  549252_370147829701924_310667008983340_1125177_1844288171_n.jpg
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    These guys could have some very interesting titles coming in the next few months...
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    And in a weird twist of fate I just now got this press release:
    (New York, NY - ­ April 27, 2012) ­ Autonomy Pictures presents the first of four teaser posters for the upcoming US release of Adam Rehmeier¹s relentless horror film THE BUNNY GAME. The unflinching indie film was recently banned in England but will see an Uncut, Uncensored North America limited theatrical (in states that will permit it) and DVD/Blu-ray release in July. Dates and additional information will be announced soon. Keep up-to-date with our official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/autonomypictures

    In THE BUNNY GAME junkie hooker Sylvia Gray (performance artist Rodleen Getsic in a fearless turn) is abducted by trucker JR (Jeff Renfro). He subjects her, and the audience, to a sadistic journey into madness. Partly inspired by a real-life experience that Getsic endured, THE BUNNY GAME pushes the boundaries of extreme realism in horror cinema.
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    More info on The Bunny Game release courtesy of Autonomy's press release:

    Name:  Bunny_BlurayCase_Flat.jpg
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    Tech Specs:

    2011 - US - RT: 76 min.
    1.78 Anamorphic Letterbox, English HD 2.0 stereo
    Subtitles: English SDH (optional) feature only
    Blu-ray/DVD Combo (2-Disc) SRP: $29.99
    DVD (1-Disc) SRP: $19.99

    Special features:
    Audio commentary with director Adam Rehmeier and Rodleen Getsic
    “Caretaking the Monster” making-of featurette
    Trailer and alternate trailer
    Please note: special features will be available on all discs

    Pre-order at THE BUNNY GAME at
    TLA Cult
    Diabolik DVD

    Final two teaser posters and theatrical dates revealed soon. Get your BUNNY on at our official Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/autonomypictures
    Banned in the UK and partially inspired by a real-life experience of star Rodleen Getsic, THE BUNNY GAME is an unflinching descent into torment and madness.
    Junkie hooker Sylvia Grey (Getsic in a brave, award-winning performance) turns the wrong trick in demented trucker JR (Jeff Renfro). After knocking her out cold and taking her to a desolate place where no one can hear her cries, JR subjects Sylvia to a series of increasingly twisted, sadistic “games”. But will she survive the ultimate test when she wakes up with her head sealed in a white leather bunny mask?

    Adam Rehmeier directs with a fearless eye, pushing the boundaries of on-screen mayhem to the extreme. Controversy has surrounded THE BUNNY GAME since it premiered to festival audiences around the world by delivering a terrifying experience that once seen is impossible to forget…
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    Release date changed from 7/17 to 7/31.
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    Another press release announcing the release of Chris Alexander's Blood For Irina:


    Chris Alexander, editor of Fangoria magazine, makes directorial debut with a haunting vampire tale, becoming new genre label's first film production. Poster and teaser trailer are revealed!

    (New York, NY - July 6, 2012) Writer, journalist and FANGORIA magazine editor Chris Alexander makes his directorial feature film debut for Autonomy Pictures with "BLOOD FOR IRINA," a psychological, experimental vampire tale. Alexander approached Autonomy Pictures with a micro-budget proposal, the desire to make a personal horror film, a fever dream inspired by Herzog, Rollin and Franco. The film was shot in five days at a crumbling 70 year old waterfront motel set for demolition in Toronto, Canada.

    Autonomy Pictures executive producers Derek Curl ("HOUSE OF THE DEVIL," "STAKE LAND"), David Gregory ("THE THEATRE BIZARRE," "PLAGUE TOWN") and Lewis Tice of DANGER AFTER DARK, already impressed with Alexander's revitalization of Fangoria since taking over as editor-in-chief, were excited to see what he would do with a genre-based underground concept, budget and schedule.. The film is currently in post-production and will hit film festivals later this year. Here is the teaser trailer, which offers a first glimpse of the film:

    ""BLOOD FOR IRINA" fits our company’s dedication to supporting emerging genre talent,” says Derek Curl, CEO of Autonomy Pictures. “We are delighted to collaborate with Chris Alexander on his film debut with his unique and haunting take on vampirism.”

    “I wanted to make something that is intimate, dark, lonely, beautiful and surreal, fueled by dread, imagery and emotion," says Alexander. "I¹m confident that "BLOOD FOR IRINA" accomplishes this."


    Irina (Shauna Henry) is dying. A predator who stalks streets at night looking for blood, she has lived over a century; tormented by memory, living in a run-down motel by the sea, Irina has reached the end. Her perceptions skewed, her body and mind revolting against themselves, she waits for an exit.

    Her private hell is echoed by the motel manager (David Goodfellow, who also co-produced), driven by an obsession to protect Irina and keep her secrets safe, and a broken prostitute (Carrie Gemmell) whose desperate plight may be worse than Irina¹s. It's the tale of three people living a life on the fringe, trapped in world of literal and figurative decay.

    Alexander also co-produced, edited and co-shot "BLOOD FOR IRINA" and provides the film¹s hypnotic score. Blood effects work was handled by Paul Jones (the "RESIDENT EVIL" series, "SILENT HILL").

    Visit "BLOOD FOR IRINA" s official Facebook page at:
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    And the poster art...

    Name:  IRINA_diff_title_2_1_.jpg
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    Release details for Blood For Irina from Autonomy's press release:

    (New York, NY - April 17, 2013) Autonomy Pictures is proud to announce the multi-territory release of Chris Alexanders' BLOOD FOR IRINA. This is a first for the genre-driven company to release a film in the same time frame for North America, the United Kingdom, France and Poland.

    Below is a sneak peek of the Blu-ray/DVD art which will street May 28, 2013 in North America. The film will be release on DVD in United Kingdom and France, May 27, 2013 and will hit digital streaming in Poland on that date as well. Disc extras will be announced very soon!

    2012, USA, RT: 70 min. 1080P HD (Bluray) Anamorphic Widescreen 1.78
    Color, English HD 2.0 Stereo, Region ABC (Bluray),
    Optional Spanish, French subtitles on Feature only

    Name:  Irina_BlurayCase_Flat.jpg
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    Name:  BloodforIrina_UKFrontCover.jpg
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    Autonomy has Adam Chaplin: Violent Avenger slated for release soon. Fango spills it.

    "Writer/director Emanuele De Santi also takes the title role in ADAM CHAPLIN; he’s a resident of Heaven Valley who discovers that a local mob boss was responsible for his wife’s death. Since the mafioso has the local police in his pocket, Adam decides to conjure up a demon to help him seek vengeance, and a bloodbath ensues. The cast also includes Valeria Sannino, Paolo Luciani, Alessandro Gramanti, and Wilmar Zimosa. Autonomy Pictures releases ADAM CHAPLIN in North America June 4 and in France June 19; the 1.78:1 anamorphic transfer with 2.0 stereo sound will be accompanied by the following special features:

    • “H.A.B.S (Hyper-realistic Anime Blood Simulation)” featurette
    • “Mechanisms of Gore” featurette
    • “From Idea to Screen” featurette
    • “Building Up Adam” featurette
    • Scene autopsy and trailer

    Retail price in the U.S. is $19.99."

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    Blood For Irina update:

    The upcoming DVD release of Chris Alexander's BLOOD FOR IRINA has been pushed to July 2, 2013 in North America due to production difficulties. The film will now be only released on BLU-RAY and digital ONLY. There will be no DVD or combo offered to consumers.
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    Is Blood For Irina any good? Anyone see it?

    I like the title and Irina is a great name for a vampiress.

    is Shauna Alexander female? Because she looks like a man in drag in that prolonged closeup "trailer."
    "I've been to college, but I can still speak English when business demands it."
    - Raymond Chandler, 1939.

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