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Thread: The Lost Films Of Herschell Gordon Lewis - FOUND!

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    H.G. Lewis restoration project on Kickstart


    I figured maybe this would be of interest to some. I plan on donating something, just not sure how that all works.

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    The Lost Films Of Herschell Gordon Lewis - FOUND!

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    R!S!P! wants to help spread the word about this pretty awesome project, full details of which can be found here.

    "Through a combination of luck, happenstance and a lot of negotiating, we've acquired the negatives for acclaimed cult filmmaker Herschel Gordon Lewis' three lost sexploitation pictures, LINDA & ABILENE (1969), ECSTASIES OF WOMEN (1969) and BLACK LOVE (1971) and are seeking funds to properly restore and preserve them and, ultimately, allow the public to appreciate them for decades to come."

    So yeah, these not seen since their theatrical release trio of HGL movies, long thought lost, have been found and are in the process of being restored. I know not everyone does the kickstarter thing BUT this time around, it's not much different than pre-ordering a disc - check out the rewards system in place:

    Pledge $5 or more
    Limited edition 'The Lost Films of Herschell Gordon Lewis' button set.

    Pledge $25 or more
    Above + a limited 'I Discovered The Lost Films of Herschell Gordon Lewis' t-shirt.

    Pledge $50 or more
    Above + a copy of 'The Lost Films of Herschell Gordon Lewis' Special Edition DVD/Blu-Ray Set.

    Pledge $55 or more
    Above + high-definition streaming access to MISS NYMPHET'S ZAP-IN (1970), a sexy 'Laugh-In' style slapstick comedy directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis. Note: this is an unrestored HD transfer from a rare 35mm release print for a true 70's grindhouse experience. Never before available in HD. Streaming access available from end of campaign to 8/2012.

    Pledge $100 or more
    Above + a thank you in the liner notes and an extra copy of the SE DVD/Blu-Ray Set.

    Pledge $250 or more
    Above + an on-screen Associate Producer credit in the film, another SE DVD+Blu-Ray Set and a sweet "Black Love" t-shirt. To sum up: 2 shirts, on-screen Associate Producer credit, liner note thank you and 3 DVD+Blu-Ray sets.

    Pledge $500 or more
    Above + an on-screen Restoration Producer credit in the film plus three more copies of the SE DVD+Blu-ray Set (give them to friends!) To sum up: 2 shirts, 2 on-screen credits, liner note thank you and 6 DVD+Blu-Ray sets.

    Pledge $1,000 or more
    Above + a lifetime reward membership toward all future Process Blue: Side Projects. Members will receive a DVD/Blu-Ray and on-screen Restoration Producer credits on all future projects. Possible campaigns include: THE FUN HOUSE 1977 AND MASSAGE PARLOR MURDERS 1976 -- both sourced from original negatives.

    To contribute, check out the kickstarter page!
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    You pledge a certain amount, and then you basically commit to it with your amazon account. If the goal is reached, your account is billed...if it isn't, you aren't billed.

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    Merged madness!

    I'll be making my contribution next week.
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    Cool man, thanks. I didn't see you had it up already.

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    I've always got it up, Todd.
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    And I'm gonna make this thread sticky for a while.
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    I just put in what I could.

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    Nice to see this is over 1/3 of the way there. They dug up some trailers and are working on some extras too. Good stuff!
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