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Thread: Turbonegro - Sexual Harassment coming 6/13/2012

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    Turbonegro - Sexual Harassment coming 6/13/2012

    From their Facebook page:

    Achtung ladies and gentlemens and turdz in general, this is IT. The wait is over, after five long years. The new Turbonegro album is called (...drumroll) "Sexual Harassment" and will be out all over the world on June 13th on Volcom Entertainment (and Universal Music in Norway, Sweden and Finland). Thou shall be harassed.

    The 1st new track, You Give Me Worms, is up on Spotify and it sounds pretty good. It's up on Amazon too.

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    I'll have to check that track out. I'm curious but not expecting much sad to say.

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    New track also here if you don't Spotify: http://www.vice.com/read/vice-premie...rom-turbonegro

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    I dunno, it just isn't Turbonegro with a new songer.
    BTW, Hank von Helvete is proof some people really shouldn't stop drinking and taking drugs. It might turn out they were boring, conservative middle aged men all along.

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    Hank's post Turbonegro stuff is pretty dire, I agree. As far as carrying on without Hank, I agree he was a huge part of the band but there were a couple of vocalists before he came on board - I dig the recordings they made with the pre-Hank guys, and so I see no reason not to give the new stuff the benefit of the doubt. Given that Re-Tox wasn't very good and that Hank went out on a low note rather than a high note, and given that I like the first single, I'm pretty stoked for this.
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    New drummer as well, from what i'm hearing....

    Edit. Yup, new drummer. How much of the original band is left?
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    But the real question here is... is the new guy gonna stuff firecrackers up his ass?

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    New album is up for pre-order on iTunes.

    Seems weird to me that you can pre-order mp3s, but whatever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Jane View Post
    New album is up for pre-order on iTunes.

    Seems weird to me that you can pre-order mp3s, but whatever.
    You don't want them to sell out!!

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    I think that already happened when they appeared in Viva Le Bam.
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