From Wired:

The mainstream comics industry has spawned another alternative supergroup. 30 Days of Night creator Steve Niles and Epitaph Records owner and Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz have banded together with Halo-8′s Matt Pizzolo to form Black Mask Studios with the stated aim of disrupting the comics market.

“It’s become this monopolized walled garden where you’re only allowed to grow two things: superheroes and movie treatments,” Pizzolo told Wired via e-mail. “We’re going to open new space outside the entrenched market where we can cultivate more subversive experimental and literary comics to reach broader audiences.”

Inspired by the controversial but influential 1960s anarchists Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers and Edgar Allen Poe’s class-conscious gothic short “The Masque of the Red Death,” Black Mask Studios was teased Sunday during WonderCon’s spotlight panel on Niles, who serves as creative director. Pizzolo runs the biz as president, and Gurewitz’s Epitaph Records empowers the indie operation.

Black Mask’s first order of business will be the benefit compilation Occupy Comics (a taste of in-progress pages for the compilation are exclusively previewed in the gallery above). Initiated last year by organizer Pizzolo’s Kickstarter project, Occupy Comics features visual and written contributions from Molly Crabapple, Mike Allred, Douglas Rushkoff and many more, including visionaries Alan Moore and David Lloyd, whose V For Vendetta has supplied the worldwide Occupy and Anonymous movements with their anti-fascist iconography and ideology.

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