I was super keen so I managed to track this down anyway.

The cast list on this is not a huge way off an Oceans 11 style ensemble. It mayn't have the big names of Clooney, Pitt, Roberts at the front end but it goes as deep with even the most minor roles being filled with familiar face. There was a time when a cast like this gauranteed you being a hit. These days it barely even gets you a cinema run. Certainly I didn't see a single ad for this anywhere. Something to cogitate upon there for the scholarly among you.

Anyway... It's another ensemble story set in Sin City where the men are harboiled and all the women are either saints or whores. Mostly they're whores. The various stories interconnect loosely back and forth but not in any particularly satisfying sort of way. We're also back with a lot of the same cast of characters in the same locations which makes it all feel a bit redundant. Plus Alba still doesn't get her kit off despite spending half the film on the stage as a stripper. Which is odd. And disappointing. Mostly disappointing.

But enough of the negatives. I prefered this second film to the first. It's just as gorgeous to look at and the stories were a little more archetypically Noir and slightly less juvenile. I doubt Rodriquez has a great film in him but he is the most kinetic director in the biz. Man just has a natural feel for a cut and a camera move. Brolin and Levitt are pleasant comapny. Eva Green sports an uncertain accent but also sports one of Hollywoods most spectacular chests and it spends most of its screen time here spectacularly unclothed. Which is welcome.

It's a tick long at a hundred plus minutes and the repetition (didn't we already tie off the Alba/Willis storyline in the first?) doesn't make it feel any shorter but it's definitely one to see in the cinemas. A great shame that almost nobody did.