Ok, seriously, that poster answers a lot of questions.

A while back there were news stories about the fact that China had banned time travel as a topic in science fiction films. This led many to wonder why on Earth China was so concerned about something so trivial.

Then we have the mystery of how it is that Jackie Chan is retiring from action movies and then making Police Story 2013.

Now, I never would have guessed that these mysteries were related, but clearly they are. That poster proves that China has invented a time machine (which is why they banned the sic-fi movies -- didn't want trade secrets getting out) and they've used it to go back in time and get Jackie Chan from the early 1990's to force him to make new movies. I don't know why they thought they could keep this secret -- one look at that poster and its clear that that's not 2012's Jackie Chan, but the 1992 model starring in that movie.

I, for one, say Huzzah!