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Thread: 2012, The Summer of Zatoichi

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    I can't imagine Amazon is receiving a lot of pre-orders at the current price of $200 when most folks know they can wait a few more weeks and get it for 50% of the SRP of $225. Btw, I noticed the release date coincides with Black Friday as well -- so I would expect to see some other deals available around that time. Or at least, that's my wishful thinking.
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    Unless Amazon tries to undercut them, don't know if anyone will beat B&N sale price for this. $112.50, even less if you can get the cashier to take a 10% or 15% or 20% coupon (if there are any coupons around the release date.) It wouldn't surprise me if B&N sells out of their Zatoichi sets (hopefully they've ordered enough.)

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    I was trying really, really hard not to want to buy this but it's not working.

    The upgrade in picture quality looks substantial, even with 3 movies per BD.
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    Now is the time to buy, because who knows if Barnes and Noble is going to be around/doing the 50% off Criterion sales next year.

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    I envy those who have not, yet, been introduced to Zatoichi, because this package is a fabulous way to dive head-first into his world of heroic gestures, merciless sword battles, gambling, Yakuza, justice, murder, beautiful women and our protagonist's unbridled sensory magic! God, I love it! Essential!
    That's me. Christmas can't get here soon enough.

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    I can't wait for this to arrive and I can start revisiting them. Not that I can't with the DVDs I have already, but, y'know... sexy newness.

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    Anyone here know when's the next Amazon 50% off CC sale? Any chance in December after the B&N one ends? I think I can score this Zatoichi set cheaper with my Amazon GCs + rewards points than even if I were able to use my B&N membership discount + 8 off 40 coupon.

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