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Thread: The Vinegar Syndrome Discussion Thread

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    Can anyone confirm if the Box Sets for October and November are for NEW Titles or are they collections of previously released VS Titles? Thanks!!

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    They haven't stated yet but I think it's a safe bet that they're new titles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fundi View Post
    haha you got it! I just really wish Debbie Does Dallas would at least get a blu ray release, and considering Debbie Does Dallas is probably the most well known porn film ever, I mean if you like ask someone to name a porn film, they will probably say Debbie Does Dallas, I don't mean it's the best porn film ever, although I really put it high on my list of favorites, but I mean come on it needs to be on blu ray at least.
    Back in the day, in my part of the world, Debbie Does Dallas was the one film everyone had heard of and the one used whenever someone made a generic reference to porn movies. It's #1 on my most wanted list for a decent release. The DVDs are all trash.

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