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Thread: a question for dead experts

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    a question for dead experts

    Night of the Living Dead (1968) experts, that is.

    Has the Varese Saraband LP ever made it to CD?

    Does the Varese Saraband LP contain the same soundtrack material as Anchor Bay's "30th Anniversary Edition" with the bonus CD?

    I rented the DVD half the "30th Anniversary Edition" once out of curiosity to see the new reshot footage, but the soundtrack CD was not a rental. Is it the actual score, or sound-effects, or dialogue from the film? Is it the same as the Varese Saraband LP?

    Is the Zero Day CD "They Won't Stay Dead" the same as the Varese Saraband and or the "30th Anniversary Edition"?

    I have a hunch one might need to buy three soundtracks to get everything in the film.
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    I'll check on the bonus CD from the 30th anniversary tonight Richard but I will tell you that the "They Won't Stay Dead" package is FANTASTIC. Beautiful all around and it sounds great. This, along with some of Riz Ortolani's works are a regular listen around these parts.

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