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Thread: Redemption Announces 14 NEW Franco Titles For Blu-ray in 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jared A. View Post
    As for "Franco's biographer", I do believe that's him at posts #46, #48 and #49.
    I know.

    Devil's Island Lovers the French version is on my list of boots to get next payday, together with an assembly of The Erotic Rights of Frankenstein. I thought we'd have heard a decisive release date on The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein by now. I'm hoping there will be another batch released in the Fall.
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    "I've been to college, but I can still speak English when business demands it."
    - Raymond Chandler, 1939.

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    I just inquired about She Kills in Ecstasy and Vampyros Lesbos on Redemption's FB, and their reply was..."Regrettably, there is no truth to the rumor."

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    Scott, since you're on facebook, can you ask Redemption if there are plans to release another batch of Franco titles in this Fall, or if the next release will be in the spring or summer of 2014.
    "I've been to college, but I can still speak English when business demands it."
    - Raymond Chandler, 1939.

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    Richard--W: Ian posted the official press release one page back, that ends with "All three films were newly-mastered in HD from archival film elements from Eurocine Paris, are presented in French with optional English subtitles or English dubbed, produced for video by Bret Wood.

    In 2014, Redemption will continue to pay its respects to Franco with at least three additional Blu-rays of his notorious films.".

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