OK, so the original didn't reinvent the wheel or anything but I liked it. It had a nasty streak to it that was pretty effective but wasn't without moments of effective black humor. Kind of a cool Australian slant on what would otherwise be maybe a fairly typical American backwoods slasher/hillbilly horror movie.

It did well enough that a sequel is in the works. And I'm ok with that.

An Australian newspaper called The Age has an article up on the movie from earlier this month (thanks to Bloody Disgusting for posting the link).

Greg McLean is directing, Mick Taylor is back.

"Mclean believes the first film resonated so much because there is a little bit of Mick Taylor in all of us, and the opportunity to explore that a little more was what drew him back.

''I'm not really interested in gore and blood and stuff,'' says the Melbourne-based director, whose second feature, the $25 million crocodile film Rogue, might suggest otherwise. ''I'm interested in why the character connected with Australian audiences. It's not about being a horror film - it's because Mick is about something else, something deep and dark in the Australian psyche.''

He might be right, but it is also likely that part of what made Wolf Creek so successful was that nobody expected such an accomplished piece of genre filmmaking from a first-time director. This time around, though, Mclean knows he is dealing not just with a much bigger budget - about $7 million - but also with a great weight of anticipation from the fans."

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