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Thread: Jeffrey Hurst interview - Rialto Report podcast

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    Jeffrey Hurst interview - Rialto Report podcast

    The new Rialto Report podcast has come out - this one with 1970s NY porn actor Jeffrey Hurst.
    Great interview about the early days...

    Another good one.

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    Another excellent interview from Ashley West, I sure love to hear the actors share their memories on that great era. BTW it was strange that The Ganja Express was mention as I was asking about this film on another forum not so long ago. Sadly as I began to suspect that film was never release wich explain why we can't find nothing except a set of still photographies, it looks like it was a con-man job (didn't catch the name) but we never know maybe a work print or a lot of cans of uncompleted films are in storage somewhere in the USA...

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