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Thread: Gritty Realistic 70s Action/Dramas...

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    Gritty Realistic 70s Action/Dramas...

    If we're going into the 90's I have a soft spot for JUDGEMENT NIGHT.

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    Me too.

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    I'll echo the shouts for THE SEVEN-UPS and NIGHT MOVES and throw in THE DRIVER.

    I'll also toss out a British film that's as gritty as they come - SITTING TARGET.
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    Will Lustig's Vigilante and James Glickenhaus' The Exterminator.
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    I don't like NIGHT MOVES anymore but THE DRIVER is a killer film in which Walter Hill channels Jean-Pierre Melville. Coming soon on Olive blu.

    SITTING TARGET, absolutely.
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    I think it's Twilight Time putting out The Driver, not Olive.

    I know I saw it as a teenager on VHS but I don't remember much about it outside of the fact that I liked it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard--W View Post
    I don't like NIGHT MOVES anymore ....
    Curious, how come?

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    THE FRIENDS OF EDDIE COYLE, obviously. Surprised no-one has mentioned this yet. I've also had a long-held soft spot for BUSTING.

    Moving into the early 1980s, but still tinged with that 70s vibe, I'd add FIGHTING BACK and John Flynn's DEFIANCE.

    And if you're throwing in SITTING TARGET, I'll add Michael Tuchner's VILLAIN, Michael Apted's THE SQUEEZE, Tom Clegg's McVICAR, Ian Merrick's THE BLACK PANTHER, Sidney Lumet's THE OFFENCE, Donald Cammell's PERFORMANCE, Mike Hodges' TV films 'Suspect' and 'Rumour' (and, of course, GET CARTER) and David Wickes' SWEENEY!
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    Some great mentions so far (The Driver, Who'll Stop the Rain to rename a couple), to which I'd like to add:

    Remember My Name
    Play Misty For Me
    Rolling Thunder
    Macon County Line
    Ode to Billy Joe
    Aloha Bobby and Rose
    The Panic in Needle Park
    White Line Fever (and check out the TV-movie, Tribes, for even more Jan-Michael Vincent goodness)

    I'm sure I'll remember tons more after posting this, so I shall return...

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    The Gambler - 1974

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